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Kristina Parks Fernandez Transforms Life: From Abandoned Wife To OnlyFans Star With Impressive Muscles!

Kristina Parks Fernandez is not only working out with weights, but she is also boosting her confidence and income. Fernandez, a mother of three from California, was abandoned by her husband, leaving her to raise the children alone. However, Fernandez found salvation in bodybuilding, which helped her in more ways than one.

Kristina Parks Fernandez Raised Her Kids As Single Mother

A 42-year-old California single mother had to find a means to support her family after her spouse abandoned her and their three children. She used OnlyFans, a website for subscribers where s*xually explicit stuff is generally posted, but she chose to use it to share her love of bodybuilding.

She converted her enthusiasm for displaying her muscular body online into a job and now brings about $20,000 each month. Despite the unusual nature of her line of work, she is happy to support her family and appreciates the compliments from her followers.

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Fernandez told Media Drum World that she started working as a camerawoman to help support her kids after learning unfavorable things about her spouse, who then left her.

Kristina Parks Fernandez’s Bodybuilding Passion Is Now A Career

California single mother of three Kristina Parks Fernandez turned to bodybuilding in 2016 to help her deal with the stress after her husband left her. She currently weighs 13 stone and has biceps that are 16 inches long after gaining over three stone of muscle.

She has successfully monetized her love of bodybuilding by making muscle-worship fetish movies on OnlyFan. Fernandez, 42, can bench press 170 pounds and has powerful biceps that measure 16 inches. She weighs 182 pounds, and nearly 42 of those pounds are made up of muscle.

Kristina Fernandez Dominates OnlyFans with Muscle Fetish Videos

Fernandez explained that her struggles with her ex-husband inspired her to pursue bodybuilding more seriously, which ultimately led her to explore the world of muscle fetishes and eventually join OnlyFans. OnlyFans is an online platform that operates on a subscription-based model, allowing creators to produce and charge for their content.

While many users share s*xually suggestive content on the site, Fernandez emphasized that she does not engage in requests for unusual actions, such as breaking objects, crushing fruit, or displaying nudity below the waist. Fernandez claimed to live a comfortable life and not be concerned about money.

She claimed that even though her kids have lots of wants, she doesn’t give in to them too much. She does, however, take care to make sure they enjoy themselves by taking them on exciting excursions and providing them with access to all the activities and sports they choose.

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Kristina doesn’t post graphic s*xual content, her films highlight her dominance, power, and beauty where she earns $17,000 each month. Her outstanding figure and 1,000 subscribers adore viewing her chiseled body.  She doesn’t generate s*xual activities typically connected with adult content and instead largely makes muscle fetish videos inside her own boundaries.

On her online platform, Fernandez emphasizes her dominance, dominating beauty, dominating strength, and dominating power. Her subscription website lists between 600 and 1,000 subscribers.

Kristina Parks Fernandez Overcame Childhood Trauma Through Fitness

Growing up in California, Fernandez disclosed that she experienced bullying as a child. When she was eight years old, she began going to the gym to cope with this, which enabled her to create a type of emotional “armor” she could employ to protect herself from the terrible remarks and deeds of bullies. But despite her strict exercise regimen, she subsequently formed a negative relationship with food.

Fernandez claimed that she frequently skipped meals and occasionally overindulged in food and beverages, taking in more than 3,000 calories in a single day.

But when she turned 35, she made the decision to alter her way of life. She started getting up at 4 a.m. every day to finish a fasted cardio workout, which entails performing cardio activities on an empty stomach. This choice was a turning point in her life and enabled her to achieve the degree of physical fitness and toned muscles she now enjoys.

Fernandez’s Fitness Journey: From Insecurity To  Confidence

Fernandez claimed that after she began her fitness adventure, the feeling of getting results and feeling better than ever before became addictive. Her insecurities decreased as a result of this good change, and her self-confidence increased. She revealed that she adheres to a particular diet that calls for six meals per day, totaling about 2,000 calories.

Her diet includes a wide range of healthy foods like oatmeal, eggs, almond butter, poultry, turkey, sweet potatoes, and others. She stressed her persistent effort has allowed her to keep the physique she wants. She is also happy with her way of life because it allows her to devote all of her time to caring for her kids.

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