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Kristen Stewart All Set To Potray Princess Diana, Fans Have Mixed Reactions


David Mudd

Kristen Stewart set to play Princess Diana in new film – but fans don’t approve

The Pretext

Twilight’s Bella( *smirks*) Kristen Stewart is reportedly set to play the role of Princess Diana.

This is going to happen in a new film about the British Royal Family.

But this is not it! She’s been criticize by fans a lot!

Spencer, the movie, will see the American actress, who famously played Bella Swan in the fantasy film series, portray Diana.

The backdrop will be of the early 1990s when she decides her marriage to Prince Charles wasn’t working.

Nonetheless, it has sparked outrage among fans as they insisted the pair look nothing alike and has seen the wrath of people complaining about the new movie.

The Situation

And it seems production for the new film is set to begin next year.

Talking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “They look nothing alike. Odd casting choice. Why didn’t they choose a British actress?”

“I don’t know – her upbeat, sparkling personality might be a little too much for the role.”

While another penned: “I’m so sorry Princess Diana. Tragedy.”

“Stewart is an interesting actor but I don’t think she can pull this one off…there is such a thing as range and proper casting.”


Meanwhile, others agreed that Stewart is the perfect match for the role.

One said: “Glad the casting agent made such a bold choice, I’m tired of the same females getting all the interesting parts.”

As another added: “Yesss. She’ll do great. Very underrated actress,” alongside a heart emoji.

The script for Spencer is written by English screenwriter Steven Knight,  best known for creating BBC drama Peaky Blinders! *jumps in joy*

Source- Biography

The epic story is set to take place over three days during one of Diana’s final Christmas holidays.

This will happen at the House of Windsor in their Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England.

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