Kris Jenner has already chosen two bridesmaids, and she has stated that she will “maybe” get married to Corey Gamble “when I am 70 years old.”


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Kristen Mary Jenner is a well-known the media personality, socialite, and female entrepreneur from the United States. Her family played a role in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which is where she first gained widespread recognition. Kris was divorced with her husband. Kris has been in a relationship with Corey since 2014, and she will turn 69 in November. Kris Jenner wore north west dress on her 67th Birthday.

Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashian family, she wished her daughter on her 28th Birthday. The mother and manager of Kardashian Jenner recently stated that she wants Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on The Kardashians.

It’s possible that Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble aren’t going to hurry to the altar, but she’s also not completely ruling out the possibility of getting married! Kris Jenner is a very rich lady.

On the episode of The Kardashians that aired on July 11, Kris Kardashian caught up with her friends Faye Resnick and Kathy Hilton for a shopping excursion in Beverly Hills. While there, she informed them about her scheduled hysterectomy operation.

Kathy acknowledged that she was not anticipating hearing this specific piece of information from her friend Kris, who is 68 years old. Kris detailed the scenario and became emotional about the loss of her ovaries following her explanation. She told Kris, who has been seeing Corey since 2014, “I thought you were going to tell me you’re getting married!” Kris has been an engaged couple since 2014.

There was a chuckle from Kris, and she went on to elaborate, “I mean, not right this very second!”

Kathy then joked, “I thought you were gonna say six in the morning [tomorrow]. I’m like, ‘That’s a little early for me to be…'”

“Dressed and ready to go as a bridesmaid,” Kris finished her sentence. “I mean, you guys can totally be bridesmaids when I get married. So maybe when I’m 70!”

How Did Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble Met?

Kris and Corey, both 43 years old, made their initial connection in August of 2014, while they were both in Ibiza for the purpose of attending the 40th birthday party of Riccardo Tisci, a mutual friend and fashion designer. Almost immediately after that, they started dating, and they have been together ever since.

In spite of the fact that they frequently go to red carpet events together, occasionally brag about each other on social media, and even distribute a holiday letter jointly in 2022, the two individuals have a tendency to keep their romantic relationship a secret. In addition, Corey has made guest appearances on episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and, more recently, The Kardashians.

Kris Jenner has already chosen two bridesmaids, and she has stated that she will "maybe" get married to Corey Gamble "when I am 70 years old."

During the beginning of the year 2021, Kris gave an interview to WSJ Magazine in which she discussed Corey. She stated that he was an outstanding “support system” who was cherished by her family. “He is the most incredible individual, and he is an incredible support system for me. He truly provides me with a great deal of strength and insight throughout the day. He really is a wonderful sounding board. Not only does he love my children and my mother, but they also love him,” she stated.

While celebrating the debut of her new personal branding MasterClass in July 2022, she expressed similar comments to PEOPLE, stating that Corey has been a significant contributor to her professional development throughout the course of her career.

“I think Corey is super. He’s an amazing guy,” she said. “He’s really supportive and he’s really dialed into a lot of the different things. He’s very knowledgeable about a lot of the things that I work on, and he really helps me in trying to think through some of the decisions I make. He’s such a great person to bounce things off of. I really love his point of view on things.”

She also noted that Corey is “a people person” who thrives “helping me navigate such a huge team and all the things that are happening.”

“Everybody needs somebody to sort of run something by and help make decisions about the littlest things. It could be a travel, or it could be what you’re doing that evening, or it could be what’s going on at the office today. But it’s really great to have him,” she added.

Kris Jenner has already chosen two bridesmaids, and she has stated that she will "maybe" get married to Corey Gamble "when I am 70 years old."

This season, Corey has also been at Kris’ side as she gets ready for her hysterectomy surgery, which will take place in the episode that airs the following week. During the episode that aired the week before, he made her happy by purchasing a new mink coat for her. This was done in order to calm her fears and divert her attention away from the surgery.

“I don’t want you to be sad,” he told Kris. “Babe, you’re gonna cry at least 15 more times so I just want you to have a gift.”

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