Kraken Vs. Robinhood: Deciding Which Platform is Your Best Fit!



Just to revolutionize the changing of cryptocurrency, we all need a platform for trading cryptocurrency which is basically a digital asset. It is one of the most trending sources to generate lucrative profits but with the involvement of a lot of risk. It is true that the outcome of crypto is so much but on the other hand, it can also destroy your all invested money into the business venture of cryptocurrency.

You should be more aware of all the things before investing your money into doing Cryptocurrency. Moving forward, there are some basic things that you should have to keep in mind and always be aware of such as choosing a platform that can provide you with better returns, fewer fees, good analytical tools, advanced trading features, and so on.

Through this post, I am going to discuss Kraken and Robinhood, Which platform is most suitable for trading cryptocurrency because these two platforms are so much into conversation among masses worldwide but they are in doubt. Let’s dive into it and clear your all doubts.

What is Kraken?

If you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader then definitely you are familiar with the name of Kraken. Moving Forward, Kraken is basically a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that came into existence in 2011 and was introduced by Jesse Powell and is based in San Francisco, California.

Kraken and Robinhood

It is one of the oldest platforms which is so popular in view of the fact that before everyone was indulged in using only this platform to exchange and trade their cryptocurrencies and then so many other platforms were founded. It is commonly known for its robust security features and wide range of supported cryptocurrencies. You can analyze them with so many trading tools and make your decision.

If you are a newbie then do not worry, This platform has so many advanced features that let you make your trade very easily with genuine research and analysis. Do you know some people are also doing cryptocurrency mining of various Altcoins along with trading and exchanging them?

What is Robinhood?

Robinhood is also a cryptocurrency trading and exchanging platform which is commonly well known for its operating online stock. It is come into existence in 2013 by Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt. After the arrival of Kraken, it has helped numerous masses to trade in cryptocurrency.

Through this, It has successfully gathered a lot of popularity in such a short period of time by providing them with amazing as well as impressive features. It is such a prominent platform for retail users who are interested in trading stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies.

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Its major focus is to democratize finance by making investing accessible to every individual in this world. It has also faced criticism and controversies, particularly related to its handling of the GameStop trading frenzy in early 2021 and its order routing practices.

Comparison Between Kraken and Robinhood

Kraken and Robinhood both are cryptocurrency exchanging trading platforms. They both have different features, and unique sets of traders and investors, catering to different needs and preferences. If we look at the ratings then Kraken has officially rated at 9.6 score out of 10 which is such a respectful rating. On the contrary, Robinhood got only a score of 6.0 ratings, which means the masses have gathered mixed feelings.

As you all know Robinhood is an American stock broker which does not accept traders belonging to India. On the other hand, traders of India are allowed to change their cryptocurrency on Kraken. Moving forward towards the user interface and accessibility.

However, the Robinhood trading platform is generally known for its user-friendly mobile app and Kraken for its robust trading interface designed to cater to both beginners and experienced traders. The major priority of Robinhood is to provide simplicity to users just for this it has lacked providing advanced analytical as well as trading tools.

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Conversely, Kraken offers its users an advanced trading and analytical tool to pass a quick and genuine judgment in favor of exchanging cryptocurrency. It has also provided educational resources, blog posts, and so on.

Kraken and Robinhood

Kraken offers various account types, including standard, margin, and futures accounts. In spite of that, Robinhood provides individual brokerage accounts, retirement accounts like IRAs, and custodial accounts for minors. Do you know Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Could Transform Your Financial Future?  Check the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. 

Robinhood has a reputation for its responsive customer support and user-friendly experience. Moreover, Kraken provides customer support through various channels, including email and chat, and offers a comprehensive FAQ section.

Which is the Best Platform for Trading?

While Binance might seem like the superior option when solely pitting Kraken against Robinhood, this assessment changes when considering the broader landscape of cryptocurrency exchanges. When assessing these two platforms against Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, it becomes evident that Kraken outperforms Robinhood in this comparison, offering a superior set of features and capabilities.


In the Crux, Kraken and Robinhood have their own different features as per the requirements of users around the globe but, people find Kraken is the most prominent and beneficial application in comparison to Robinhood.

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