Will there be KonoSuba Season 3? | Latest Update [2021]

Time and again, we’ve seen the release date of KonoSuba Season 3 anime getting pushed. Sometimes, it was because of KonoSuba movie, and sometimes, it was because of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Crimson Legend.

Now that these two movies have released, anime fans are waiting for KonoSuba Season 3’s arrival. However, in the transition to a movies series, the franchise switched the staf for the film prpject, its animation studios from DEEN to J.C. With all this changes, what does this mean fir the next season of KonoSuba?

Despite multiple claims of KonoSuba Season 3 arriving soon, anime fans wants to know whether their will be a new season or not? If yes, then what would be the most probable date?

When KonoSuba Season 3 will release?

Officially, there’s no news of the showrunners releasing KonoSuba Season 3 anytime soon. Earlier, KonoSuba’s new season was supposed to release in 2020. Now, it’s 2020 and everyone’s hoping for its release in 2021. However, that’s all speculation. There’s no officical backing to this claim.

But what possibility? What are the possibilities of KonoSuba Season 3 in the coming days?

At the moment, the producers of KonoSuba anime series are working on two big isekai projects – shield hero season 2, and re:zero season 2.

As for re:zero, it is supposed to have a second cour just like shield hero. Hence, making sure the longer production time required for it creation.

Even after creating their upcoming seasons respectively, the producers are planning for Isekai Quartet Season 3 – a crossover between anime such as shield hero, re:zero, konosuba, youjo senki, overlord and cautious hero.

The series won’t be as big as of shield hero and re-zero’s calibre. Now, think yourself. With this tight schedule in 2021, how can you expect the makers to release KonoSuba Season 3 in the same year.

However, if any of the previously commited series gets postponed to next year then it might be possible for you to see KonoSuba Season 3 pretty soon.

3 Reasons why Konosuba Season 3 isn’t canceled

Reason 1: Popularity

Konosuba’s popularity was at peak in 2020’s and it is still going super strong. It is evident by the number of searches for both its series and the movie that people are dying to watch the next season. Usually searches for the sequel are less than the first season but it is exact opposite in this case.

Their social media is also overflowing with new followers. Their latest light volume 17 is still extremely popular and getting multiple downloads daily.

After their movie, Konosuba’s merchandise has also seen a great hike in the sales. They keep adding new products in their merchandise every month which also acts as a positive reason for their popularity.

Reason 2: Source Material

Most anime series are just variations of different source materials such as manga, mobile games, visual novels, or light novels. Konosuba is adapted from light novels. There are currently 17 volumes of Konosuba last one being published in May 2020.

They also keep adding spin offs such as Megumin and Yunyun’s time as students two years before the main series to give it a new life and to maintain the interest of their viewers.

If we will go by the current status of light novels, we should say that there is 1% chance that there will be no sequel as the light novels have already ended. But as only volume 1 and 2 was used for the first season, 3rd, and 4th in the second season and 5th volume was totally adapted in the movie, there are still strong chances of Season 3 coming out soon.

Reason 3: Sales and Profit

Each and everything related to Konosuba makes a ton of money, be it their merchandise, movie, game, and even light novels. Although we have noticed a little drop in Blu-ray sales, but it really does not matter in 2020.

Konosuba compared to other one core anime series is very inexpensive and earns a lot of profit, there is no reason money-wise season 3 would not be aired.


Even though, the makers of Konosuba anime series haven’t confirmed its release date, I’ve thoroughly explained why Konosuba Season 3 i all set to release by the end of 2021 or 2022.

If the producers releases any official announcents regarding the next season, I’ll update you in this post. So, stay tuned with us. In the meanwhile, you can read its manga series (if you haven’t read it yet) on one of the best manga reading site, mangahere.

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