Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Recap, and Where to Read!


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Fans are looking forward to Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415. Tomohito Oda wrote and drew this manga series. Komi Can’t Communicate is a manga series about Komi Shouko, a young girl who has difficulties communicating vocally, let alone expressing her emotions.

In our blog post, we covered all you need to know about the upcoming chapter release date, raw scans, spoilers, recap, and where to read the chapter. Continue reading our post to learn everything there is to know about the following chapter.


Manga Komi Can’t Communicate
Chapter Number 415
Genres Romantic, School
Initial Release Date May 18, 2016
Upcoming Release Date August 4, 2023

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415 Release Date

You’re all curious about the future chapter publication date. The next chapter of “Komi Can’t Communicate” will be released on August 15, 2023. Once it’s available, read it.

The following is the global timetable for the next chapter:

Time Zone  Date Time
Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) August 15, 2023 7:00 AM
Central Daylight Time (CDT) August 15, 2023 9:00 AM
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) August 15, 2023 10:00 AM
Greenwich Mean Time (BST) August 15, 2023 5:00 PM
Indian Standard Time (IST) August 15, 2023 8:30 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT) August 15, 2023 11:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PST) August 15, 2023 11:00 PM
Korean Standard Time (KST) August 16, 2023 Midnight (12:00 AM)
Japanese Standard Time (JST) August 16, 2023 Midnight (12:00 AM)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) August 16, 2023 2:00 AM

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415 Raw Scans

Everyone is looking forward to the next chapter, and every reader is excited to see what will happen in the next chapter and seeking raw scans to see what will happen in the next chapter.

However, as of now, we are unable to provide any raw images of the upcoming chapter; generally, raw scans are released 3-4 days before the chapter’s publication. Stay tuned for the raw scans of the next chapter.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415 Spoilers

The spoilers of Chapter 415 are Manbagi will be lost in thought in Chapter 415 after being asked to reciprocate someone’s feelings. She wasn’t expecting that, as the chapter made apparent when she threw a tantrum to explain. However, a part of her has yet to reconcile her feelings for Tadano, the first boy she fell for.

This is an excellent opportunity for Komi to attend and contribute to the decision-making process. Komi is technically a senior in these matters and knows more than her companion, so she can advise her.

Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 414 Recap

In the previous chapter, Manbagi begins like she usually does. But something was different about this particular day. There was something strange about her deskmate’s refusal to establish eye contact with her, making her wonder whether she had said anything.

He wouldn’t even greet her with a good morning and grumbled anytime she tried to chat with him. This put her in a lot of unpleasant situations, and no one told her what was wrong with her.

komi can't communicate chapter 415 release date

So she decided to take matters into her own hands and deal with the person herself, even if it meant clutching him.

When her deskmate became fatigued during football practice, she was finally able to do so. He was completely exhausted at this point and was pulled in by Rumiko’s straightforward approach, which rendered him immobile and revealed to her what was going on in his thoughts. He spilled everything, which surprised Manbagi because she hadn’t expected such an honest reaction from him.

Where to Read Komi Can’t Communicate Chapter 415

You all want to read the next chapter but don’t know where to get it from. So you may all read the future chapter of “Komi Can’t Communicate” in English translation on the dependable platform Viz. On this website, you may find more intriguing articles and novels.

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Finally, fans of “Komi Can’t Communicate” are looking forward to the release of Chapter 415, which was written and illustrated by Tomohito Oda. The manga story follows Komi Shouko, a young girl who struggles with communication. The blog article contains all of the important information regarding the future chapter, such as the release date, global timetable, raw scans, spoilers, and where to read it.

With the fascinating spoiler hinting at Manbagi’s predicament and Komi’s possible participation, readers can’t wait to see what happens in the following chapter. Fans are advised to stay tuned for further updates as the publication date approaches and to enjoy the manga on Viz in English translation. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more manga updates.