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Kissing Booth Season 2:Will Elle And Noah Maintain The Long Distance Relationship? Air Date And More


David Mudd

‘The Kissing Booth 2’: Will Elle and Noah Be Able To Maintain The Long Distance Relationship? Get Release Date, Cast And Plot Details Here

The Craze Surround Kissing Booth

Do I even need to begin with how excited fans are for the upcoming Kissing Booth teen romance?

A sequel to the 2018 movie Kissing Booth, Kissing Booth 2 is soon to hit theatres!

*jumps in joy* I can’t be the only 24-year-old who’s a fan of high school drama, right?

As you know it, follows the story of two best friends, Elle and Lee, who share an ultimate ‘bro’ bond.

Elle had a crush on Lee’s elder brother, Noah, but according to their friendship-rule, she cannot date him because siblings are off-limits!

Or so it said.

Elle runs a Kissing Booth as a part of her school campaign and finds herself in utter chaos when she bumps into Noah.

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth

She’s discreetly happy but potentially afraid that it will ruin her friendship with Lee.

What does she do? Does she follow her heart or does she stay abided by rules?

What To Expect From Season 2

It’s apparently reported that the shooting for season 2 was done and dusted with, by October of 2019.

Imagine having the liberty of walking out of your homes, hitting the nearest theatre, grabbing a full mug of popcorn and enjoying the movie on the big screen!

Okay, stop. I only asked you to Imagine. Calm your horses.

The teaser trailer had arrived on YouTube around October last year and had already fetched 6.5 million views!

Yup, that’s exactly how many people there are, waiting for its release!

Will Noah And Elle Be Able To Work Out The Distance?

Well, the author, Beth Reekles, in her second novel of the same series, introduces a new character in Elle’s life.

A high school candy who she apparently has a thing for.

And just when this started gaining pace, there surfaced a picture of Noah with a collegiate getting cosy.

Kissing Booth

Intense much? Or is it just jealousy creeping in? Will they survive the distance and come out victorious as the meant-to-be-together peeps?

Netflix had released a short video, introducing the two characters, one for Elle and one for Noah in Kissing Booth.

Pretty excited to see how this it goes? Me too, folks. Me too.

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