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Kingdom Season 2: Air Date, Cast Details – Reasons To Watch The Korean Series


David Mudd

The Kingdom is the Korean series streaming on Netflix.

It is based on The Land of The Gods.

Presently, we have the second season of Kingdom and here is everything you need to know about it.

Kingdom Season 2 Air Date

Kingdom’s renewal for season 2 fills all its fans with delight.

The making of season 2 of Kingdom is under work.

Netflix, during a press release regarding the show announces that it is going to be on the screen by March 2020.

Actors from the series also put up a video back in October 2019, confirming Kingdom season 2 to be back by March 2020.

Kingdom Season 2 Cast Details

The cast includes Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na and Ryu Seung Ryong.

Kingdom Season 2 Premise

The kingdom is the story about saving one’s rule and heritage. It is about struggle and disappointment and the ultimate destiny.

We see corruption and famine as two critical aspects of the Kingdom.

As the rumour regarding the king’s death spreads, so does an unknown plague.

Due to the spreading plague, the immune system gets infected and leads to the death of so many.

However, you ever die to satisfy their hunger for flesh.

While all this happens, we have our crown prince set out on the journey to uncover the truth to save his kingdom.

Kingdom season two will give us the vast journey as the crown prince continues to fight to save his kingdom from both the dead and the ones alive.

All The Reasons To Watch Kingdom Season 2

It is a historical political drama when it comes to the Kingdom.

We have zombies as the primary threat to the Kingdom but we never see the other political problems in the Kingdom as any less threatening.

The power keeps shifting between influential people and who goes to what lengths to establish authority.

We see the significant chunk of the show depicting class division problems.

When we say it is a historical show, it implies the close reference it takes from the Joseon Period.

The show is one of Netflix’s most significant in the Korean language.

As we are in March, we cannot stop looking forward to how the show is going to span out.,