Kingdom Chapter 760 Release Date: Is It Going To Unfold Sei Kyou’s Mystery?


Arvinda Dixit

Written and illustrated by Hara Yasuhisa, the series is spun around the genre of action, adventure, comedy, drama, and history. It follows the last fight between God and humans for the existence of humanity.

It is the story of a young boy, Shin,  who became a great general and about all the trials and bloodshed that lead him there.

In this article, we will delve deep into the details of the upcoming chapter 760 which is soon anticipated to be published. So without any delay let’s start with the release date of the chapter.

What is the Release Date of Kingdom Chapter 760?

The impending chapter 760 of your special series is all ready to reach you. So get ready to immerse in the intriguing plot that revolves around humanity and gods.

The new installment in the series is anticipated to be out by June 14, 2023. You can take a look at the different release dates and times of the article at your location before moving ahead to other information.

Time Zone Time
Japanese Standard Time 09:30 PM
Indian Standard Time 06:00 PM
New York Time 08:30 AM
Australian Capital Territory 11:00 PM
Central European Time 02:30 PM
Singapore Standard Time 08:30 PM
Korean Standard Time 09:30 PM
Pacific Time 04:30 PM
Eastern European Time 03:30 PM

Where to Read Kingdom Chapter 760?

Kingdom Chapter 760 Release Date

For those who are a constant reader of the chapter, you must be well acquainted with this question.

And we all know the chapters will be available to read on Manganelo, and weekly Shonen Young Jump magazine since it is published by Shueisha. You can also cherish yourself with the previous chapter of the series in case you missed any.

Kingdom Chapter 760- Spoilers!

The most exciting part for any reader of any article is spoilers. Spoilers are always shared a few days prior to the drop date of the article, thus it is a bit early to expect any spoilers at present.

They are delayed to maintain the excitement of the readers for the upcoming chapter. We will be editing this article with the updated details as and when they are out, hence, keep coming back to us.

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Kingdom Chapter 760- Raw Scans!

Kingdom Chapter 760 Release Date

No raw scans are out yet by the time the article is written. And as we are well aware that the raw scans are shared on the date nearby the release of the spoilers, thus it will take us some time to avail you of that. So, make sure you reach back to us for checking out the raw scans of the impending chapter.

What Happened in the Previous Chapter 759 of the series Kingdom?

The last chapter 759 of the series Kingdom gave us glimpses of the time when Shin was questioned by Tou about his prediction that the reason behind his actions is “Fire,” Shin responds to him, asking how he could possibly know the exact reason. The whole time when he was on the battlefield, Shin never really inspected the crux of human nature.

Instead, he based his understanding of humanity on what he personally observed during his experiences in war, which consistently aligned more closely with the concept of “Fire” than anything else. Tou confirms if Shin is suggesting that human souls can be easily extinguished like a flame, to which Shin recognizes the possibility, but clarifies that his true intention is different.

Shin explains that the younger brother of the Qin King selfishly rebelled against him, which resulted in numerous deaths, including that of Shin’s beloved childhood friend. This disclosure infuriated Shin, as it made him aware of the existence of individuals as hostile as the rebellious brother. He transformed his anger into seeking revenge and crushing him.

However, Shin reveals that after many years, the younger brother, Sei Kyou, transformed from being an enemy into a helper when he asked for Shin’s assistance to save his wife. Sei Kyou eventually sacrificed his own life on the battlefield, and at that point, Shin realized that Sei Kyou was no longer the evil, malicious figure he had thought of him to be.

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In a nutshell, the series is soon going to schedule the publishing of one more chapter. It is expected to be out by June 14, 2023. The series is published by Shueisha and is available to read on Manganelo and the weekly Young Jump magazine of Shonen.

No spoilers or raw scans are out by the time of writing the article but will be updated as soon as they are shared.

We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as things progress, so make sure you check back regularly for any updates. And don’t forget to add our website to your list of favorites for easy access and future reference.