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Kingdom: Ashin of the North Ending Explained| Special Episode Of Famous Horror Show



There is no argument that Zombie and horror shows will always remain fan favorites. Despite the poor storyline of some shows, people have taken their fate off from the genre, but yet, there are still legendary movies alive for fans to appreciate. That’s why movies like World War Z became so much popular that people are demanding another sequel. I know that it is quite impossible as the movie is already canceled but there is another amazing movie that will give you the same Vibe. In today’s article, I am going to cover Kingdom: Ashin of the North.

Released in 2019 on Netflix, this series has released 2 seasons so far. The kingdom is a Korean drama and we all are familiar with the greatness of the K-drama industry. The country is not only famous for their stars like BTS and Blackpink but also have amazing shows whose plots are worth watching. 

The series has finished 2 seasons back to back and the production house has just released a special episode called Kingdom: Ashin of the North. Fans want to watch the special episode so eagerly and we thought why not surprise them with one. Wanna know everything about it? Read till the end

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

The special episode of this series is interconnected with the first season and it will definitely clear most of your doubts. The horror series starts with a girl who has been crying and looking for her people all the time. These people are none other than zombies themselves. 

Directed by Kim Eun-hee, this series is the first original Netflix Korean series. The horror/thriller series is based on a webcomic called The Kingdom of the Gods which was also written by Kim Eun-hee. 

The first part of Kingdom was released back on 29 May 2019 and it became popular in a short time. It follows the story of a Crown Prince who starts the discovery of a mysterious disease that started to take the country down. 

Moreover, the movie received much appreciation from the Korean people and also gained a lot of awards and nominations. 

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Kingdom: Ashin of the North: Ending Explained

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

Ashin, who has been traced by assassins, has found herself in the barn and the same assassin is now following her. Earlier, she always tries to hide from him and somehow succeeds but this time she took the weapon. Ashin killed the enemy through his own knife and let the secret plant grow on his head. When that happens, the enemy starts to turn into a zombie. 

Similarly, other soldiers in the barn started to convert into zombies while Ashin was watching all these things happen. She then killed and burned every one of them through her archery.

After all these horrifying scenes, she again ran back to that mysterious giant forest, where there lived the zombies, who once used to be his family. As she finds her old place, a sweet flashback starts off. The flashback of his family and neighborhood when all of these used to live a happy life. Her tribe used to share this strong connection which no one knows except her and you. 

In the middle of all these pleasant memories, she heard a loud scream and she got back to life.

The scream was of the zombies, which later revealed that it was her own people. When her tribe was vigorously murdered by the enemy, she converted all her people into zombies. The enemies have spread the rumor that she had killed all those people but it was never true.

She hid all these people in a safe place in that mysterious forest and used to feed them daily with animals like Deer, rabbits. But all these foods never get enough for those zombies and they only want to feed A HUMAN. 

When she left the place, the zombies started to haunt her all over the place. She started to run over the king’s scientist and showed him the mysterious plant. The plant makes Lee Chang’s father ill and all these things remind us about the first season. 

Kingdom: Ashin of the North Review: Is it Worth Watching?

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

A deadly scene where the vampires, monsters are ready to kill the other people for their sake is what the Kingdom is known for. The series has every inch of horror that one can ask for. Breaking the stereotype of what horror movies are made of, you will see the great plot, emotions, and a lot of action within the series. 

The K-drama is already popular for its over-the-top plotline and the amazing performance of its cast. The special OTT has already been released and it is making the viewers crazy. The screenwriting is amazing and the visuals are worth watching. If you are looking for an amazing show then you should definitely consider watching it. 

The fans aren’t satisfied with the fact and people aren’t acknowledging the show enough. The show is underrated in the western world but for many people, it is a masterpiece. 

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Will there be Kingdom 3?

After the special episode announcement, another thing that hit my mind is “Whether there will be season 3 or not?” The fans are already excited about the special OTT episode and there is another happy news for them. As per the last finale of the series, there are still many stories uncovered to tell. 

As the show already became popular and creator wouldn’t mind starting another season. But the officials haven’t released any statement regarding season 3 of Kingdom. The giant ITT platform is still far away from making any statement about the third installment of this amazing horror show. If there will be any updates, I’ll keep you updated through this article Bookmark this to know everything about this K-drama.

Where Can I watch the Official trailer of this series?

The special episodes were announced by the audience and are soon going to release on Netflix. The popular OTT platform has released the official trailer on youtube and fans are loving it. Personally, I also loved how the special episode covered everything. The visuals, graphics, and casts have done everything they can do to make the show interesting. Just watching the two-and-a-half-minute trailer, I can tell the whole special episode is going to be great. 

How do the Critics and audience react to this Horror Drama?

Before wrapping all the things up, let’s take a look at how you guys have responded regarding this article. I have read so many positive responses from so many people. The visuals, graphics, and aesthetic view that the director has played in the story are overwhelming. 

Coming to the critic’s ratings, the IMDb rating for Kingdom is 8.3/10. The show has over 93% of rotten tomatoes. The famous asianwiki has rated this horror series with 83% of ratings. Talking about last but not least, the audience was super quick to shock their love for this k-drama. In the audience rating category, the show has earned 4.9/5 stars. This concludes that the series is great and if you are planning to watch this series then go ahead.

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