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King Richard: Plot | Cast | Trailer

Have you heard of Richard Williams? You can’t probably place the name, right? Have you heard of Serena and/or Venus Williams? Who has not right? Well, Richard Williams is the father of Serena and Venus Williams. He is the man responsible for the two world-class women tennis players who also happen to be women of colour, coming from an underprivileged class. Reinaldo Marcus Green’s King Richard documents Richard Williams’ journey into making his daughters who they are today. 

King Richard is produced by Venus and Serena Williams themselves. Both sisters have said that Richard’s role in their making is unimaginable. The overwhelming courage it took when he decided to make his daughter’s tennis players(especially when they are coloured), is unthinkable. By this decision, Richard was breaking the norm already. He was all ready to set a new path, and revolutionary one indeed. 

Reinaldo M.Green’s newest inspirational biopic is based on Richard Williams’s extraordinary journey to prepare his daughters for the world stage. This article covers everything you need to know about the biopic, Williams personal journey, the trailer, the cast and the release date. 

Plot of King Richard

The story is set in the 1940s /50s when Richard first started to train his daughters for professional tennis. He understood their fear and alienation all too well. Still, he did not let them back off. The movie tells the story of how a father’s dream for his daughters came true. 

This is a biopic of Richard Williams who never got his due respect. Venus and Serena pay tribute to their very own unsung hero through this movie. 

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Richard’s challenge 

Being a person of colour in a White country is extremely difficult. The implicit and explicit forms of racial prejudice against the African American community have been present forever. When Richard Williams was growing up, he too witnessed a lot of violence and got beaten up by a white boy too. Richard’s challenge was that this biased behaviour did not affect his growing daughters; so that it could not destroy the confidence of these children who were working very hard.

Why Tennis? 

In a 2014 interview, Richard Willams said that it was not the glory or passion for tennis that made him choose this game as a mode of the profession. For an impoverished family, it was money. This unabashed honesty is present throughout the movie as well. When Richard read an article on Virginia Ruzici, a pro tennis player winning £ 40000, he was sure that professional tennis is the way to go. 

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The preparation begins 

The story has it, that before Venus was born Richard wrote a 78 page manual on how to achieve his goal of making his daughter’s tennis champs. 

Richard himself was not from. a sporting background. Tennis was largely considered a privileged white man’s game. He knew how extremely good his daughters needed to be to make a mark in this world. He applied whatever knowledge he gained from the few tennis lessons he received. He used to take detailed notes from tv matches as well. 

He placed his faith in his daughters and return they too placed their faith in him. His unorthodox ways in handling the tensed situation was always a mix of cool and fun approach. As a father, he felt that he must protect the confidentiality of his children so that they don’t doubt their potential.

All of these details from personal life have been included in the film to maintain authenticity. 

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The Community and its representation

a glimpse from King Richard
Featuring a still from King Richard!

This is not just Richard’s journey. This is a journey ever taken by every black girl who was told ” no” to their dreams. Richard is way more progressive we can imagine. He imagined the black kids to be equal to their white counterparts. He had faith and only one goal — to keep them off the streets. This is a battle of an ever oppressed community and their chance of earning worldwide respect. 

In the trailer, there is an incredibly powerful and simple scene, in which Richard says that there is nothing more dangerous than a woman who knows how to think. We love it. 

The Trailer of King Richard

Yes, the official trailer of the movie is out. It consists of powerful and spine chilling moments of the fight, struggle, fear and dreams and the ultimate battle of proving your worth to the world. 

The maker of two brilliant tennis ruling queens — indeed Richard is the king. In his insightfulness, strategy, faith and planting the seeds of dreams in his daughters – he is King Richard, a synonymous reminder of great monarchs who ruled with glory. 

The moving two and a half-minute trailer was released on July 29.

Will Smith as Richard Williams 

will smith playing as king richard
Will Smith is Venus and Serena William’s father in King Richard

Will Small has pulled off yet another masterclass performance. The bits from the trailer clearly show how deeply he has inculcated the role of Richard. He simply looks the part, especially the witty side. 

We expect to see Will Smith rise and shine in the role of Richard Williams and sweeping us off once again with his performance. 

John Bernrhral as Rick Macci 

After giving the basic training in the local tennis coaching centres, Richard had his daughters admitted to Rick Macci’s prestigious tennis coaching centre. It didn’t take Macci long to see the potential of the Williams sisters. 

John Bernthal plays the role of Rick Macci. 

The Cast 

the cast of King Richard
Featuring the amazing cast of King Richard!

The rest of the cast of the movies is — 

  • Aunjanue Ellis as Oracene “Brandy” Price
  • Saniyya Sidney as Venus Williams
  • Demi Singleton as Serena Williams
  • Tony Goldwyn as Paul Cohen
  • Dylan McDermott as Will Hodges

Even real-life tennis stars Venus and Serena appear in the film.

When is the Release date for King Richard?

The film will hit cinemas on November 19, 2021.


Biopics are common in Hollywood. But an African American man’s dream for daughters to become stars in a game that was exclusive for rich whites is nothing short of a revolution. There are a lot of people who have forgotten to dream as being alive is all that matters to them. They have been targets for racial prejudice for so long they don’t know what it is to achieve the dream and honour. 

Let this movie be a tribute to all those who dared to break the rules. Let this be a tribute to all those who believed and dreamed. 

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