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About Kin Movie

Based on the 2014 short film Bag Man, Kin is a 2018 American science-fiction crime action thriller film directed by Jonathan & Josh Baker and written by Daniel Casey. Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, Zo Kravitz, Carrie Coon, Dennis Quaid, James Franco, and Michael B. Jordan are featured in the film.

The plot centres on a little boy who discovers an unusual weapon and his recently paroled sibling. Lionsgate released the picture in the United States on August 31, 2018, and it was a critical and commercial failure.

Release Date of Kin Movie

Lionsgate distributed the film in the United States on August 31, 2018.

The Cast of Kin Movie

  • Myles Truitt portrays Elijah “Eli” Solinski, the adoptive younger brother of James and the adopted son of Harold.
  • James “Jimmy” Solinski, played by Jack Reynor, is Elijah’s brother, Harold’s son, and an ex-convict.
  • Milly, portrayed by Zo Kravitz, is a stripper seeking an exit.
  • Carrie Coon portrays FBI agent Morgan Hunter.
  • James and Elijah’s father, Harold “Hal” Solinski, is portrayed by Dennis Quaid.
  • James Franco portrays crime lord Taylor Balik.
  • Michael B. Jordan portrays the Cleaner.
  • Carleigh Beverly portraying Audrey
  • Fox Gavin as Dutch Balik

Plot of Kin Movie

Elijah “Eli” Solinski, 14 years old, resides in Detroit with his strict adoptive father Hal, a widower. Eli discovers the aftermath of a conflict while scavenging an abandoned building for copper wiring to sell.Kin Movie

The structure contains armoured bodies and high-tech weaponry. After the weapon’s mechanical activation, he drops a bizarre weapon and escapes. Eli’s newly paroled older brother James “Jimmy,” Hal’s biological son, returns home that evening, much to Hal’s dismay. Eli sneaks out to grab the weapon after having a dream about it.

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Returning undetected, he overhears Hal and Jimmy arguing. Jimmy owes $60,000 in protection money to Taylor Balik, a local crime leader, and asks Hal for assistance in robbing Hal’s employer. Hal refuses and kicks Jimmy out of the house.

Hal finds Jimmy and Taylor breaking into his office’s safe the following evening. Taylor shoots and kills Hal because he is refusing to retreat. In the subsequent struggle, Jimmy accidentally kills Taylor’s brother Dutch before fleeing with the money.

Jimmy persuades Eli that Hal is unable to leave a work emergency and wants to meet them at Lake Tahoe. Eli packs the weapon in secrecy, and they leave the house mere moments before Taylor and his gang come to loot it. Taylor promises to murder Jimmy and Eli to revenge the loss of his brother.

The two become brothers during the journey. Jimmy brings Eli to a strip club, where the two brothers make friends with Milly, one of the strippers. When an intoxicated Jimmy attempts to dance with Milly on stage, the owner, Lee, rallies his men to beat Jimmy until Eli brandishes the weapon.

Eli shoots reflexively, smashing a pool table, after being startled. The brothers flee, and Milly joins them spontaneously. Two masked, armored people detect the usage of the weapon and pursue on motorcycles. Jimmy recalls leaving the money bag at the strip club. Milly guides the brothers to Lee’s poker game, where they extort the money from him under threat of violence.

The group obtains a room at a casino in Nevada. Throughout the ride, Milly discusses her past with Eli; she fled her abusive parents as a teenager and has failed to form meaningful personal ties.

Eli views a national news report about Hal’s murder. Eli and Jimmy are identified as suspects and arrested by the police. Milly observes from the crowd, and Eli indicates that she may leave. Jimmy is incarcerated and Eli rebukes him.

Taylor and his gang overrun and slaughter the officers in the county police station. A wounded officer assists Eli in retrieving the firearm from the evidence locker before being executed. Eli kills the majority of Taylor’s soldiers, thereby saving Jimmy. Taylor appears and shoots at Jimmy as Eli and Jimmy prepare to surrender to the FBI.

The two armoured pursuers arrive and halt time for everyone but themselves and Eli. The figures reveal themselves to be a guy and a woman. The man reveals that Eli originates from their war-torn globe. Eli was concealed on this planet for his protection until he was old enough to assist.

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The man instructs Eli to remain with his brother and refers to Eli as his brother. The woman deflects Taylor’s bullet, after which she and Taylor flee with the firearm. Taylor is shot and dies by his own gunshot as time resumes.

The brothers are placed under arrest. Agent Morgan Hunter informs Eli that Jimmy will go to prison, but if he is cooperative, it may not be for very long. She tacitly acknowledges Jimmy’s protection of Eli, who refuses to disclose the weapon. Milly appears and greets Eli with a wave.

Kin Movie Trailer

The trailer for the Kin Movie is given below in the post:

Kin Movie’s Production

It was reported on August 30, 2016 that Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor, James Franco, Zo Kravitz, and Dennis Quaid would star in the film. In September 2016, Lionsgate acquired the rights to Kin at the Toronto International Film Festival for around $30 million. In Toronto, filming began on October 24, 2016.

Kin Movie Review

The resulting film is a confusing trudge that isn’t horrible but is clearly unsure of what it wants to be. Kin focuses on a young man (Jack Reynor) who is ostensibly the protagonist but is such a horrible person that it’s difficult to feel any compassion for him.Kin Movie

In an effort to pay off a $60,000 debt to a local gangster (played by James Franco, because why not), he chooses to loot his father’s place of employment, which results in the death of his father (played by Dennis Quaid, because why not).

He then departs with his younger, adopted brother (Myles Truitt), does not inform him that their father is dead, and takes the teen to a strip club, where a stripper (Zo Kravitz) makes yet another poor life decision by accompanying them on their perilous road journey.

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The major issue with Kin is that the Baker brothers dedicate so much time to the generic components of their story—everything I listed above without the futuristic weapon—that the sci-fi element feels like an afterthought.

The weapon is fired a few times to frighten bad guys, but it’s never crucial to the plot—at least until the conclusion, when it seems to hint at more exciting developments in a film that will almost certainly never be created.

Essentially, and this may be a poor comparison, Kin is comparable to the first Harry Potter novel/film, if the entire narrative focused on Harry’s miserable life with the Dursleys and his magical abilities were only revealed in the story’s last moments.

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