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Revisiting Kim’s Convenience Season 4- Plot, Cast, Reviews And More!


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Hey readers! Are you ready to accompany us onto the Kim’s Convenience Season 4 ride? Are you ready to learn about what’s brewing for the series lately? Are you ready to know why the town’s talking about Kim’s Convenience Season 4? If yes, then you are at the right place! Yes, we have also been thinking the same and so to put an end to our curiosity we have gathered the latest news here!

Kim’s Convenience has become one of the favourite hidden comedies of Netflix in no time, isn’t it? With five seasons in count, Kim’s Convenience Season 4 has proved to be the most favourite and also been in recent talks, but do you wonder why? Don’t worry, we have got you! In this article, we have covered all the essential points that will answer your questions. Just keep reading till the end and we will not disappoint you.

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About The Series- Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s Convenience is a sitcom that made its debut back in 2016 with its first season on the CBC Network. It features a Korean-Canadian Kim family who run a convenience store, their day-to-day comedical encounters, and unusual occurrences in their shop. 

Who doesn’t love comedy, right? It is a source of relieving all the stress and tension, isn’t it? And Kim’s Convenience, being hitting perfectly on the genre, has received a lot of love from its viewers. The sitcom about the Korean-Canadian family serving diversified customers at their store is definitely a treat to eyes, isn’t it? The series beautifully blended social commentary with the themes of careers, romances and more. 

The series is based on a 2011 play of the same name which was created by Inis Choi. Later, he along with Kevin White, developed the series Kim’s Convenience that continued its journey for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes to its count. 

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Quick Info About Kim’s Convenience Season 4

Developed By: Inis Choi, Kevin White

Genre: Comedy

Produced By: Ivan Fecan

Production Company: Thunderbird Films

Production Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Release Date: 7th of January, 2020

No. of Episodes: 13 (with a running time of 30 minutes)

Original Network: CBC

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Kim’s Convenience Funny Behind The Scenes

Before we move further with this article, here is a small treat for you that you will surely love! Let us take a short look at the fun the cast and crew had in the making of Kim’s Convenience. Click on the play button below: 

Isn’t it amazing? Just imagine, if this looks so much fun, what the series actually offers is out of the world. 

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Kim’s Convenience Season 4 Cast

Portraying a Korean-Canadian family, Kim’s Convenience Season 4 features the amazing cast that has been on board since the first season. Here is a list for you:

  • Paul Sun- Hyung Lee stars as Mr. Sang-il Kim, who is better known as Appa (the patriarch father of the family). 
  • Jean Yoon stars as Mrs. Yong-mi Kim, who is better known as Umma (the family matriarch).
  • Andrea Bang stars as Janet Kim, Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s daughter, who is studying photography and is a talented artist.
  • Simu Liu stars as Jung Kim, Janet’s older brother and Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s son, who is kicked out of the family but eventually reconnects.  
  • Andrew Phung stars as Kimchee Han
  • Nicole Power stars as Shannon Ross
  • Michael Musi stars as Terence.
  • Ben Beauchemin stars as Gerald TremblayI.

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Kim’s Convenience Season 4 Plot

With thirteen specific episodes, Kim’s Convenience Season 4 showcases the funny and heartfelt misadventures of the Kim family. Here is an episode wise plot analysis for you. 

Episode 1: The Trollop

The character Raj called off his wedding because he could not move on from his love affair with Janet, he was still in love with her. Knowing this, Janet runs to Raj, only to admit that she too still has feelings for him. They both do their best to spend time with each other but the problem arises when no one knows about this and Janet’s mother prepares for the wedding. 

Episode 2: Couch Surfing

Mr. Kim unwillingly welcomes the house guests while his wife, Mrs. Kim ends up messing with the visitors. On the other hand, Jung charges his sister Janet for being cold-hearted and Shannon tries to resolve the bullying problem at the office.

Episode 3: The Help

When Mrs. Kim arrives at an event in Janet’s school, she is mistaken for a helper. On the contrary, Mr. Kim takes up Maths classes only to prove his tutoring skills. Shannon is finally single but is not sure about Jung’s feelings for her. 

Episode 4: Happy Ummaversary

Janet crafts a plan to bring the whole Kim family together for a family dinner after fifteen long years, but Appa and Jung think this gesture is too much to handle. Simultaneously, Jung and Shannon do their best to hide their relationship from their fellow mates. 

Episode 5: Thinkin’ About Inkin’

Janet considers inking a tattoo for herself. Jung and Shannon celebrate their five-week anniversary with gifts for each other, and Mr. and Mrs. Kim catches an interesting gossip about Pastor Nina.

Episode 6: Soccer Dad

Unintentionally, Appa becomes Jung’s new soccer coach and at the same time, Umma asks Janet to learn the skill of cooking.

Episode 7: Beacon of Truth

Mr. Kim snoops into the conversation of Gerald with Chelsea and learns that they plot on telling a lie to their parents. On the contrary, he tells Janet that he knew whenever she lied to him. 

Episode 8: Chammo!

Janet is asked to take stills of Shannon’s cats and Umma assigns a task to Jung to pick up Appa from the dentists, but things go unplanned. On the other side, Kimchi is threatened by terence. 

Episode 9: Which Witch Is Which

Mrs. Kim re-examines her role as a mother because she thinks she wasn’t able to take up the responsibility well. Mr. Kim tries to utilize the money he receives for a good cause. And Jung and Shannon discover their contrasting concepts.

Episode 10: In The Bedroom

Appa and Umma conceptuates a new sleeping arrangement for themselves. Jung engages into a new career and also involves Janet. Meanwhile, Shannon and Kimchee figure out a different side of Terence. 

Episode 11: Birds of A Feather

Chelsea and Gerald interfere in Janet’s summer plans. Mr. Kim is summoned to a business seminar as the lead and Jung cares for Shannon. 

Episode 12: Knife Strife

Mrs. Kim thinks she has found a dangerous weapon, and Janet on the other hand realizes that she had nothing in common with Nathan. Also Kimchee tries hard to adjust with the new managers. 

Episode 13: Bon Voyage

Mr. and Mrs. Kim plans for their future and thinks of moving out of their comfort zones. Janet is given an opportunity for an internship abroad. And Jung along with his friend Kimchee move into new living arrangements.

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Kim’s Convenience Season 4 Ratings And Reviews

The series received an IMDb rating of 8.2 out of a total of 10. With that on account, Kim’s Convenience Season 4 received positive reviews from the critics. They stated the show has everything to make you laugh and could possibly be a classic. They also point out the use of sharp and on point dialogues. 

While on the other hand, some critics believe that the show lacks its potential to be a true sitcom. Kim’s Convenience Season 4 is pleasant to watch but not actually funny.    

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Controversies About The Series

The series’ untimely exit aroused a lot of questions. With Inis Choi departing as the co-creator of this show, Thunderbird Entertainment refused to renew Kim’s Convenience to a sixth season. Also the protagonists talked about their life behind the camera- despite their happy appearances on screen, the actors claim that because they were Asian cast members, they felt alienated and disoriented from the producers of the show, which clearly indicates a ‘not-so-uncommon’ averment for Asians in the American entertainment industry. 

What do you think about this? Is it really a good practice to make the cast feel uncomfortable on the sets?   

Why Was The Show Cancelled After The Fifth Season?

Kim’s Convenience was abruptly called off after the fifth season premiered. Though there was so much to tell for the story, the makers officially ended the show because it is reported that there was a lack of diversity among the two co-creators of Kim’s Convenience.

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Final Words

With all of the above, we have come to an end of Kim’s Convenience Season 4. Hope this article was able to help you with your questions and we could fulfill your expectations. Tell us about your views and thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.