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Kimmel, Fallon: The Tonight Show Anchors Giving Monologues From Home


David Mudd

Kimmel And Fallon: Hosts are doing their best to keep the fans content.

Introduction (Tonight Show)

It’s Corona time. It seems the world has stopped moving. Or you could say it’s like an apocalyptic world we’re living in. Never ever did anyone of us imagined that we would have to go in self-isolation. A tragedy or a nightmare, you name it. Businesses are the worst sufferers, be it a small shop owner or one with a business empire. Most importantly, tourism and entertainment are the hardest hit sectors in this entire pandemic scenario.

Kimmel And Fallon

Starting from The Ellen Show to The Tonight Shows, all are shutting down their live productions. As such they are repeating previous episodes. But still, we can get a fresh perspective from our favorite commentators. Noah, Kimmel, and Jimmy are going up for home editions. Let’s check out what they have in store for us.

What Are They Up to? (Tonight’s Show)

It might sound a bit funny but what can Noah Trevor do but launch his new show called “The Daily Social Distancing Show With Trevor Noah”. Since it’s unknown when his original show will resume so he started out with a parody of it. With government and health authorities asking to maintain social distancing, what better can Trevor do than launch his “social distancing ” show?

The show provides more graphics and Coronavirus related news footage so you won’t feel any difference in the format. It’s just like his original show but with a different setting, that’s it.

Kimmel And Fallon

Stephen Colbert also didn’t lag behind but returned to the traditional format with the latest updates, footage, and video clips and graphics.


Fallon And Kimmel (The Tonight Show)

Both “The Tonight Shows” host Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon are locked just like anyone else. With their shows put on indefinite hold, these star hosts are operating from their home it seems. Fallon has started his new “home edition ” while Kimmel brought along one of his kids in his monologue via YouTube.

“Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel Miranda appeared in Fallon’s home edition through Zoom and the latter’s show has raised about $20,000 for charity against fighting this global pandemic.

Kimmel And Fallon

According to Kimmel, Canada’s social distancing told us, “We’ve been wanting to close the border with you guys for a few years.” He had one other bit of advice for the home-bound: Wear pants “for at least two hours per day.” Kimmel’s chosen charity of the day is the American Red Cross.