All We Know About the Kimi Movie Release Date, Storyline, and Cast!


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This does seem like a fantastic thriller to watch over the holiday, and it will be intriguing to discover how the outbreak atmosphere affects the story and provides fans with the eagerly anticipated Kimi movie release date.

Angela works as a technical expert who suffers from agoraphobia and records streams of data. She finds some proof of something like a violent crime while on one of her working days and wants to report it, but encounters opposition from everybody around her.

She, therefore, decides to investigate the matter and pursue justice on her own, although doing so would require her to face her greatest phobia: leaving her apartment. The Covid-19 pandemic is a major plot point in KIMI, which also examines the current situation at the time.

The creator of the thriller film is Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, whose earlier works include Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Ocean’s Trilogy, as well as the Hunger Games, to mention a few. Let’s again seek out the Kimi movie release date, plot, and cast information for the HBO movie.

What Was the  Kimi Movie Release Date?

Kimi Movie Release Date

On February 10, 2022, HBO Max scheduled the  Kimi movie release date. On April 12, 2022, the movie was made available digitally and on DVD, with the  Kimi movie release date.

Kimi movie release date is different from an HBO Max original film, and won’t follow the same structure as previous notable Warner Bros. films that were broadcast on HBO Max in 2021, such as Dune, King Richard, as well as the Matrix Resurrections.

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During the initial 31 days following their release, each of those films was concurrently broadcast in theatres and on HBO Max, and therefore only members of HBO Max’s $14.99 each monthly subscription had access to them. Around 2022, Warner Bros. ceased this practice.

All films that premiere via HBO Max are also only available through the streaming service, won’t be dropped from the library, and are accessible to all members.

What is the Storyline of the Crime-thriller Feature?

Kimi Movie Release Date

Amygdala’s CEO, Bradley Hasling, talks about the firm’s latest model, Kimi, in an appearance. Unconventionally, Kimi, a smart device, uses human monitoring that enhances its evolutionary algorithms. Hasling expects to make a fortune from Amygdala‘s impending first public offering.

Angela Childs works remotely for Amygdala from Seattle, where she monitors receiving streams of data via Kimi gadgets and updates the program. Due to a past assault, she developed anxiety as well as agoraphobia, which is something the COVID-19 outbreak has made worse.

Her amorous partner Terry, a neighbor who lives across the block whom she visits for sex inside her apartment, remains her main human connection. While still at work one day, Angela gets a recording that looks to show severe sexual abuse by a guy called Brad.

She gains access to Samantha, the account owner with the aid of her colleague Darius. Several of Samantha’s recordings are found by Angela, one of which seems like her murder.

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It is discovered that Samantha was Bradley Hasling’s mistress and also that “Brad” is Bradley Hasling. Rivas, the hitman, had been hired by Bradley to carry out the killing. The recordings are put on a flash drive by Angela.

She informs her supervisor about the encounter, and they suggest she speak with Natalie Chowdhury, another executive from Amygdala. After numerous unsuccessful phone calls to Chowdhury, Angela persuades her to visit her work in person by promising that perhaps the FBI will indeed be made aware of the situation.

At work, Angela is alarmed by Chowdhury’s hesitation to call the police and her mention of a prior psychological health absence. She learns from Darius about Samantha’s audio recordings have been removed from either the Amygdala databases as she waits for the FBI to get in touch.

Soon afterward, she observes two enigmatic guys enter the office. While being followed by Rivas as well as his cronies using her mobile phone, she escapes and walks towards the closest FBI agency.

When the men eventually catch up behind Angela and try to push her into a vehicle, some nearby protesters stop them from taking her away. Nevertheless, Yuri, a hacker who works for Rivas, can tell through her search history which direction she is going.

During part of their plan to fake burglary to hide her death, Angela’s kidnappers sedate her and brought her back to her home.

Who Are the Cast Members of the Kimi Movie?

Kimi Movie Release Date

Zo Kravitz, the Big Little Lies actress who will also play Catwoman in the forthcoming Matt Reeves’ The Batman film, plays the lead main character Angela Childs. Rita Wilson, who starred in Sleepless in Seattle, is portraying her employer.

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Together with actress Emily Kuroda, who portrays Dr. Burns, performer India de Beaufort assumes the role of Sharon. Byron Bowers, Jaime Camil, Jacob Vargas, Derek DelGaudio, Erika Christensen, Devin Ratray, Andy Daly, Robin Givens, as well as Charles Halfor are among the other members of the cast.

Trailer of Kimi!

Let’s watch the trailer of this amazing crime-thriller that can give quite a scare around your Alexa.


What is the IMBD rating of Kimi movie?

The IMBD rating of Kimi movie is 6.3/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the Crime film?

The estimated runtime of the film is 1 hour and 29 minutes.

What are the main genres of the film?

The main genres of the film are Crime, Drama, and Thriller.


The film Kimi, directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a relevant remark on seclusion and intrusion. It showcases the skilled artisan working within genre once more, as he accomplished in “Side Effects” as well as “Unsane,” updating a timeless idea straight out of “Rear Window” or “Blow Out” for the age of Covid-19 as well as Alexa.

The film is led by a powerful performance from Zo Kravitz. There’s no disputing that this is a crisp, enjoyable exercise, even if some of David Koepp’s script’s last act goes a bit too far out there and the entire thing wraps up a little neatly for a movie about just how perhaps an agoraphobic can’t genuinely do this alone.

Kimi is a straightforward gem with a fantastic pace from one of the best American directors.