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Kim Kardashian Spray Off With Kanye On ‘Make-Or-Break’ Holiday


Kim Kardashian With Kanye On 'Make-Or-Break' Holiday
Source: DailyMail Mk

Kim Kardashian and Kanye are trying to regain the lost love to make their marriage work? Kim and Kanye on ‘Make-Or-Break’ Holiday. Kim Kardashian at the age of 39 with her rapper hubby,43, with their four children: daughters North,7, and Chicago,2, and sons Saint,4, and 14months old Psalm, spend some peaceful time in the Caribbean.Caribbean.

Glimpse Of The Weekend

The mother of four alongside her husband, Kanye, sister Kourtney Kardashian and close family friend Harry Hudson posed on a grassy hill. Kourtney shared photos from a campsite in Colorado.Colorado. The exact location is not confirmed, but it seems the group is enjoying the wilderness of Northwest together.

Kim Kardashian With Kanye On 'Make-Or-Break' Holiday


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Kanye West Asked Divorce

Its been a tough time for Kim and Kanye as they are trying to get back on track with their relationship. Kanye announced about the divorce which he was thinking, and it broke Kim into pieces. So they planned a gate away to work things out.


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It all started when Kanye decided to go publicly about his constant thoughts on divorcing Kim. The drama originates from a strange campaign-style event which he was doing for the Presidental election. Kim faced a lot of humiliation after the post. Later he deleted the tweet and also asked the actress of the famous TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians to foregive him. He also mentioned that it was wrong that he broadcasted a personal matter on social media.

Kim Kardashian With Kanye On 'Make-Or-Break' Holiday

Although in recent time there are no such updates related to their separation. An inside source has confirmed that they are doing their best to work things out. They don’t want their children to suffer due to their ongoing fight. We hope that the jet off holiday will bind them stronger, and Kim will continue to share happy photos of her group with us.



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