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Kim Kardashian Seems Furious On Kanye’s Presidential Bid Comments

Kanye West had said some of his plans as president. He said all that for his 2020 presidential bid. After all, his wife Kim Kardashian is reportedly not much happy about Kanye’s comments. Moreover, according to reports, she is a little furious after he made his comments. The reason expected is that she fears that it will ruin his 2024 presidential bid. 2024 presidential bid is a long time dream for the couple.

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Kanye West declares he will run for US president in 2020 | Music ...

Kanye West announced earlier this week that he was launching a presidential bid for the November election. After all, Kim is now afraid of his comments. Because there is a chance for it to ruin their dream. The dream is to run for president officially in 2024. Some sources say that he ruined everything with his comments.

Kanye can’t run for President this year, but it seems he thought he would just throw it out there to start the ball rolling – it doesn’t, it just messes it all up, all the hard work that was being put in place, the source added

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