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Kim Kardashian Dives Into Halloween As She Throw A Lavish And Scary Halloween Party At Her Abode!

Kim Kardashian welcomed the Halloween a bit earlier just like her sister Kourtney. The mogul shared a video on her official Insta handle and gave fans a sneak peek inside her house. Skims founder turned her abode into a spooky vision and shared several clips of dressed-up characters and impressive decorations featuring skulls and blood.

In the video, her entrance is loaded with skulls. Freshly dug soil with dozens of white hands reaching out from the ground as they are coming out of their grave. The golden lights, the tree full of skulls and blood and gore stole the netizens’ attention. Dozens of white candles lined the hallway alongside the statues, as torn-up pieces of white cloth hung from the ceiling and the walls.

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The reality star honored the spooky holiday with a giant haunted house in her backyard. We can also see a huge cake with a skeleton head at its top. Kim Kardashian creatively and impressively used glowing lights and some material to create a room teeming with spider webs.

She put the caption “Blood Slime” on her post. In another spooky photo, she showed several fake severed hands with fake blood laid across a table near bags made to look like IV bags full of blood.

Kim's Halloween 2 Kim really takes Halloween as a fun holiday and dives into festivities a little earlier to ramp up the adrenaline for the main day. Kim also shared a look at the great hallways in her home, which were dimly lit and decorated with statues of white-cloaked figures.

 The mother of recently celebrated her 43rd birthday with all her sisters and close friends. Kourtney could not attend the birthday night as she is advised bed rest to welcome her fourth child. She celebrates her Halloween every year with her family and friends. She keeps her fans updated with Insta posts and also shares a sneak peek of her children. 

The SKIMS founder had dressed as Wonder Woman, Little Red Riding Hood, a mermaid, Anna Wintour, Cher, Madonna on her Halloween. Let’s wait and see what this reality star dresses up as this Halloween.

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