Kim Jung Gi: The Death Of A Renowned Cartoonist!



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What Was Kim Jung Gi Famous For?

The Los Angeles Times says that Kim was known for his detailed illustrations and his amazing ability to draw from memory. Kim never used any references. In an interview with Visual Atelier 8 in 2018, he said, “I have about 60% of the image in my head, and then the rest is improvised.”

CNN says that Kim was also known for his unmatched speed. He could make complicated works of art quickly that would take most artists months to finish. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest drawing by a single person.

Kim’s most well-known work is the stuff he did for graphic novels and Marvel and DC Comics. Jim Lee, the chief creative officer at DC Comics, said in a tweet that Kim “was a truly amazing talent whose pen and brush wizardry captivated and inspired millions of fans around the world.”

What Were Kim Jung Gi’s Live Art Sessions Like?

Kimi started giving lectures at private schools and universities, but around 2018, he told Visual Atelier 8 that he had to slow down because of “tight schedules.”

Instead, Kim did art sessions in real time. He drew complicated pieces during the sessions, which could last for hours. His shows became more and more popular, and people came to see him in the US, France, and Asia. During the sessions, Kim would talk about his art and share ideas, techniques, and details about how he did things.

Kim also taught online classes like “How to become a master” and “What kind of pen do you use?” that can still be found on YouTube.

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What Did Artist Kim Jung Gi Depict?

Kim’s art is about a lot of different things. He has drawn everything from superheroes to cityscapes. People often said bad things about his work because it showed naked people and other shocking things.

What Happened To Kim Jung Gi And The Cause of His Death?

Kim, a well-known comic book artist, died suddenly this week, according to his US agent. He was 47.

The artist was having a show of his work in Paris when he started having chest pains. This was just before he was supposed to fly to New York for Comic-Con. A statement on his verified social media accounts says that he was taken to the hospital, where he died.
Kim has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He got his start in the South Korean comics magazine Young Jump before making his own manhwa called “Tiger the Long Tail,” or “TLT.”

The Man Who Could Draw Without A Reference

Kim was known for his live drawing sessions, where he filled blank canvases with scenes that were so detailed that they seemed impossible to draw. He would put together scenes by putting together pieces of pictures he had seen and remembered. Also, he told the art magazine Visual Atelier that for his most ambitious works, he had about 60% of the image in his head and made up the rest.

He also taught in more formal settings, like universities, where he gave talks about manhwa. He taught his students how to “visualise the moment” by combining things they saw in their everyday lives with images they could see in their minds.

In a June interview, he said, “It’s terrible when you can’t draw what’s in your head.”

kim jung gi death

Admirers and Their Accolades

Before he died, he was showing his work at the Daniel Maghen Editions gallery in Paris. Fans lined up around the block to sit on the floor and watch him work. During his time in Paris, he made a drawing of Batman, Catwoman, and some of the superhero’s most famous enemies. He also made a soccer-themed piece of art for the Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Jim Lee, the publisher and chief creative officer of DC Comics, called Kim “one of the absolute greats” in a series of tweets about the Korean artist, who sometimes designed covers for DC series and took part in drawing workshops through the company.

Lee tweeted, “@KimJungGiUS was an amazing artist whose skill with pen and brush wowed and inspired millions of fans all over the world.” “He drew some great comics, but what spoke to me most were his live drawings and sketchbooks about his life, travels, and dreams.”

C.B. Cebulski, who is in charge of Marvel Comics, agreed with Lee’s praise: “There was no one quite like (Kim),” he said of the artist, who also worked on the covers of Marvel comics.

Kim often worked with Hyun Jin Kim at Superani Studio, a creative group of Asian artists and creatives. Hyun Jin Kim shared a short message with the news that Kim had died: “You can put down your brushes now that you’ve done so much for us. Thank you Jung Gi.”

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