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Killing Eve Season 4: Ending Explained!


David Mudd

Getting it right for the show “feels like a big duty.”

A new interview with Collider with Killing Eve head writer Laura Neal focuses on the show’s upcoming final episode. The fundamental connection between Eve and Villanelle, despite all of the spy antics and eye-catching clothes, is clearly the bloody, beating heart of this show, and she could be talking about that as well.

How does “doing it right” feel about the final episode? Has Neal’s “glorious” finale arrived?

If you’ve arrived at this site after seeing the final episode in its entirety, you’re probably feeling a little crazed right now. For example, Villanelle stabbing Hélène in the back after she kissed her “girlfriend” angry. And if you’ve come here because you walked away from a relationship years ago and are simply curious about what occurred, you’re definitely going to be a little insane as well. Because this isn’t the happy conclusion that the majority of us had hoped to see. In reality, it contributes to all of the show’s most serious flaws, amplifying them tenfold in the process.

Killing Eve has been accused of queer-baiting its audiences on numerous occasions, essentially teasing gay themes in order to attract queer viewers without ever truly acting on these themes, which has been proven time and time again.

In the second season, Sandra Oh disputed the notion of a ‘Villaneve’ relationship (as reported by Gay Times), at the same time as billboard advertisements used slogans such as “Has anyone seen my girlfriend?” and “Have you told your spouse about us, Eve?”

Killing Eve Season 4

We did it, guys. We did it. Having endured four years of piercing eye contact, often known as sapphic edging, Killing Eve has finally brought years of fan fiction to reality by making Villaneve a real character on the show. Initially, it appeared as though this day would never arrive, and that the show would continue to queer-bait us until its final breath.

Sure, it’s still pitiful when you consider the overall scope of the plot, but at the very least Eve and Villanelle finally receive the happy ending they deserve… Oh, no, we’ve gotten ourselves mixed up with the books on which this show is based. They are able to find serenity in the outskirts of St Petersburg, where they are no longer subjected to the perilous lifestyle that nearly claimed their lives. However, in the show’s last episode, the tale takes a completely new turn.

A woman’s eyes are gouged out by the cute couple, who eventually give in to their feelings for each other. Villaneve ends up finding out where the rest of The Twelve are, who have all gathered for one of their semi-regular secret meetings. If everything had been so simple from the beginning, you might be questioning why it took us four seasons to get to this point in the first place. Alternatively, consider why you bothered investing in these four seasons in the first place.

Villaneve is able to stop making out for just long enough to board the boat where this meeting is taking place because of his knowledge of The Twelve’s presence. In order to accomplish this, Eve pretends to be a wedding officiant for two men, almost completely ruining their wedding ceremony in the process. Meanwhile, Villanelle continues to do what she does best: fabricate a murder… or twelve, as the case may be.

Jodie Comer’s fashionista interrupts the party with little preparation and not even a weapon in her possession, and proceeds to methodically kill every faceless member of the Twelve — who we will never know the identities of now. However, it was never the purpose, at least not really. They were always simply a trigger for Eve and Villanelle’s tortured connection, drawing them back and forth with love and lust while always remaining just out of reach of the couple’s grasp.

Villaneve rejoices on the boat’s deck after The Twelve have been defeated, but their happiness is cut short terribly quickly as a marksman shoots Villanelle in the back from behind. Both the duo and their belongings are lost in the freezing Thames, not far from where they had walked away from each other at the conclusion of season three. However, this time around, Eve and Villanelle are fighting against the current in order to come together, all while blood is pouring into the water from their wounds.

Carolyn then appears to be observing from a distance, which makes it evident that she is the one who orchestrated everything, most likely in an attempt to win back the trust of MI6 once more. We’ll never know whether or not that strategy is successful. We do this because we then cut back to Villanelle’s final moments underwater in the film.

Killing Eve Season 4

Eve’s natural survival instinct kicks in shortly after, and she is able to make her way to the surface without the assistance of Villanelle in short order. After a primal scream, the words “The End” appear in large red letters across a nostalgic image of that bridge, as if by magic.

There is no room for ambiguity here. Villanelle has passed away. We know what you were thinking when the arrow entered her chest at the end of episode six. We understand. This time, however, it’s for genuine. Nothing happens after the credits roll, and there isn’t even an extended epilogue that reveals yet another surprising escape from the clutches of death.

Of course, the show has been teasing this tragic conclusion for some time. Villaneve reunited with a Romeo and Juliet-style fish tank as early as the season four premiere and even before that in the promos. Eve then recounted the fable of the scorpion and the frog, which she found to be an overused one. My favourite one is the one where they both go down together.

Since Eve’s death was predicted by the tarot cards at its conclusion, it was clear that she would be the one to pay the price. However, a pleasant surprise awaits you! In what may be the least shocking twist ever devised, the writers switched that around.

This time, the problem isn’t that a high-ranking person has died. Throughout the course of Killing Eve, the stakes have always been quite high, and it would be impossible to expect both characters to come out of this uninjured.

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