Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2 Release Date Announced by Oxygen: Dive Into Plot Of Series Of Dark Stories


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As Oxygen’s hit true crime series – Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins Season 2 Release Date is out. Get ready to watch heart-wrenching stories of love turned deadly series. This is a highly anticipated second series. Stay tuned for the and don’t miss a single episode of this gripping show.

Release Date Of Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins, the crime documentary series that has been generating buzz. It is returning for a second season as confirmed by Oxygen. The new season will have 13 episodes ranging from 50 minutes to an hour in length will and debut in the spring.
Fans of the show can expect to delve into more gripping tales of twisted relationships and shocking crimes. As per Oxygen’s recent announcement Faith Jenkins and Texas Crew Productions are set to release the second season of the true-crime docuseries but not have confirmed a date.

Premise Of Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins

Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins dives into the dark and complicated storylines of romantic relationships that began with hope and passion but ended in a confusing and terrible finale. Faith Jenkins‘ remarkable knowledge as a former prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

It shows her experience in assisting couples whose marriages were on the verge of failing. Her writing on the warning signs of dysfunctional relationships contributes to the show’s success. This enables her to provide intelligent comments on the series’ surprising and heartbreaking cases.

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 1 Recap

Each hour-long episode uncovers the inner realities of close bonds that looked destined to be forever yet ended in murder. It uses first-hand stories from victims’ families, friends, and law enforcement. These are some of the cases as per each episode.

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2 Release Date

Episode 1: A mother and daughter are brutally killed in a cold-blooded murder that shatters the seemingly solid marriage of two deeply religious people, all to keep a twisted secret from being exposed. The tragic incident resulted in two lives lost forever.

Episode 2:As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, a marriage that was once filled with love falls apart.Leading to a manhunt across the country to catch a brutal killer.

Episode 3: Families introduce a young couple, and their romance swiftly develops into marriage. Their joy is short-lived as the groom’s mother plans a brazen daytime murder of the bride. It destroys their dreams and leaves them in shock and misery.

Episode 4: A woman with military aspirations goes missing from her Virginia home under suspicious circumstances. Her spouse also vanishes two years later after becoming a subject of interest in the investigation into her abduction.

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Episode 5: Two individuals with contrasting personalities fall in love and develop a hidden relationship founded on their religious beliefs. However, their polygamous marriage deteriorates over time, It leads to the murder of the woman by a manipulative and deceitful fraudster, who was once in love with her. She was a young and attractive mother of two boys.

Episode 6: Family in Oklahoma sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind a tragic murder that stemmed from a romantic relationship. As they unravel the secrets of the relationship, they discover that the same killer was responsible for two other murders. Murders that were unsolved for years.

Episode 7: At an Orlando nightclub, a charming woman encounters a strikingly attractive male. Their bond is evident, and they look to be a wonderful match. However, due to a secret marriage and an obsessed lover who refuses to let go, things take a terrible turn. As a result, two innocent victims die prematurely.

Episode 8: A woman’s long and happy marriage is shattered when her husband is brutally killed in their own home after 25 years. Initially, it appears to be a robbery, but further investigation reveals it was a meticulously planned and savage murder.

Spoiler Of Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2

We don’t have the expected plot for Season 2. We expect it will continue from where it left off. The first season featured instances such as Alexandra Pesic’s murder and Abby Blagg’s disappearance, both of which were extremely heartbreaking. Jenkins’ helpful analysis is one of the series’ strengths. Her perspective is vital, as she has years of experience in the criminal justice system and a passion for educating people.

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Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins had an extremely successful first season. It had over 7 million total viewers on average. In live+seven-day ratings, it was also the number one cable original show during its timeslot among both total viewers and women aged 18-49. Texas Crew Productions and Faith in Justice Productions collaborated on the show.

David Karabinas, Russell Heldt, and Brad Bernstein serve as executive producers for Texas Crew. Faith Jenkins acts as executive producer for Faith in Justice.

Review Of Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Series

Faith Jenkins’ Killer Relationship explores the stories of passionate relationships that begin in romance and end in tragedy. Faith Jenkins, a former criminal prosecutor with relationship experience, provides her expert advice on each case.

Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2 Release Date

The series features stories from victims’ loved ones as well as police officers, revealing the dark side of relationships that were supposed to last a lifetime. Each hour-long episode delves into the intricate minutiae of these perilous connections. The IMDb  has given a rating of 7.7/10

Where To Watch Killer Relationship With Faith Jenkins Season 2?

If you want to watch Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins, you may do so on major streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu.


Oxygen is a streaming platform of top-notch true crime content. It has reaffirmed its commitment to delivering compelling programming that centers around the quest for justice.

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