Kiddions Mod Menu: GTA 5 Hack 1.5 Version!


Saloni Singh

if you are looking for Kiddions Mod Menu Latest variant for GTA 5 Online rendition 1.61 then you are at the perfect location since we have quite recently added the refreshed adaptation of Kiddions mod menu on our website and a many individuals have proactively downloaded the mod.

Hi everybody, if you are fed up with getting boycotted for using terrible cheats in b. We are here with the Kiddion mod menu GTA V is a truly renowned and secure GTA 5 Mod Menu made.

Kiddion’s Mod Menu GTA 5 Hack is a truly old and notable hack in GTA online, The hack is completely undetected it has many cool highlights, such as GTA 5 cash hack, vehicle fly, vehicle spawner, recuperation, and some more.

Kiddions Mod: Menu Information and Highlights

Kiddions Mod Menu is at present the most downloaded GTA 5 Online Mod menu. I for one utilize this mod menu and trust it completely, It’s completely undetected, This Mod Menu is exceptionally basic and simple to utilize.

The Kiddions Mod Menu is a mod menu for the game, GTA V. It consequently identifies what you are playing on and installs mods that are viable with your framework. You can likewise find a wide range of new mods to install like better cash or even a different vehicle.

kiddions mod menu


The most outstanding aspect of this mod menu is that it requires no installation, so it’s not difficult to utilize! One drawback to this mod menu is that it is free, and it gets fixed by Rockstar in light of its quite possibly of the most renowned mod. In any case, boycott odds are still exceptionally low.

Kiddions Mod Menu is a mod menu for Grand Theft Auto 5. It has been made so that it won’t expect players to make new records or mods and they can simply download the most recent update and begin playing. It likewise offers a few customization choices that you can utilize at this moment.

Kiddions Mod Menu: Features

  • Autospawner vehicles
  • Safe recuperation choice
  • Savage different players
  • Day to day Updates
  • Spawner
  • Weapons
  • Working Protections
  • RP


The Kiddions Mod Menu is a mod for GTA V that changes the menu design, adds new highlights and additions, as well as adds new hacks.

A portion of these new elements includes: – The capacity to modify your personality – Installation of mods inside the game without requiring outer projects and some more. A portion of the highlights is referenced previously.

kiddions mod menu

Kiddions Mod Menu is a famous mod menu for Grand Theft Auto 5. It installs an entirely different mod menu that makes it more straightforward to get to every one of the game’s highlights. The menu likewise has an auto-install highlight, so you don’t need to stress over installing different mods yourself.

The Kiddions Mod Menu is light and simple to install, which ensures that players with any degree of involvement will want to appreciate it.


Limitless XP or RP with Kiddions Mod Menu

  • Send off Kiddions GTA 5 hack and go to “Tunables” set your RP Multiplier to 100, Don’t put higher than 100, or you will not get any RP.
  • After that download the .json document that is linked underneath.
  • Remove the document to the “modest-menu” hack envelope and overwrite the record.
  • Presently run the Kiddions menu and select Teleport – Custom Location and afterwards essentially magically transport to Time Trail.
  • Begin a time trail and magically transport to the finish line.
  • Rehash the means, again and again, you will get so much XP.

About GTA 5 Online 1.61 Kiddions Mod Menu Updated Version

Kiddions Mod Menu is an outsider mod menu for GTA 5 made by the engineer Kiddion. The menu gives players admittance to many cheats which have not been made accessible in the game yet. These cheats permit players to do things like fly, get limitless ammunition, and stroll through walls.

Kiddions Mod Menu is a hack that can be gotten through the in-game menu. It has many modifications, such as limitless ammunition and cash, as well as mods to give players additional opportunities to finish targets.

There’s likewise a modification that permits players to zoom around the guide, giving them full control of where they’re flying.

Could Kiddions at Any Point Get You Blocked?

My paid mod menu was down so I didn’t try using cheats until some youngster in god mode began killing me. In this way, I opened up Kiddions and became suspended in around 5 seconds.

This is very bizarre because it’s my most memorable time getting prohibited from using Kiddions, in my 1/2 years of using it without any issues.


Do Modders Get Blocked GTA?

Depending on the seriousness of the activities, players blamed for cheating or modding can get for all time blocked instantly. Generally, they’ll lose everything and should begin once again all along.

Does Rockstar Boycott IP?

Players who have been switching from Story Mode to Online Mode in the new control centre are getting prohibited by Rockstar. This is by all accounts an IP boycott instead of the player’s record getting boycotted. At this point, the best way to counter this bug is to begin Online Mode from the main menu.



Get the most recent adaptation of my mod menu, presently accessible for nothing. Indeed, believe it or not, Kiddion Modest Menu is currently accessible for nothing. Have some good times and appreciate it!

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