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Kidding Season 3: Has The Series Cancelled For Third Season?

Here Is The Current Status of Kidding Season 3

Kidding is an American television comedy-drama series. The series was debuted on Showtime on September 9, 2018. The series was renewed by Showtime for a second season in October 2018, with the release for February 9, 2020.

Now that we already have two respective seasons of Kidding, we look forward to see what is the renewal status for Kidding Season 3? Let's explore with us.

Kidding Season 3 Renewal Status: Renewal or Cancelled?

For those who have been waiting for its third season, we have a bad news for you. Showtime has announced that the series will not renew for a third season. Yes, you have read it righlty. The show has been cancelled for a third season which signifies that it is not coming anymore.

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The series was debuted on Showtime on September 9, 2018 and was renewed by Showtime for a second season in October 2018, which premiered on February 9, 2020. Some online sources claimed that if the series gets renewed for a third season, it might be come out in 2024. However, there is no point in trusting speculations or assumptions when it has been clearly cancelled by the Showtime.

Why Did Kidding Season 3 Get Cancelled?

The reason behind cancellation of Kidding Season 3 was “less viewership.” The series went through bulding a strong connection between audience and the show. Some sources claim that the series also faces an issue with the reception. Do you think Cancellation of the series was right decission?

Kidding Season 3 Release Date

How Did Kidding Season 2 End? The Ultimate Conclusion of The Series

We have seen that Jeff and Jill's chemistry began he dropped her home from the bar. Drunk Jill fell for him and confessed but he refused the propose since he is a monk. Jeff then races to New York in order to find Jill and when he finds her, he tells her he lied that it wasn't his job holding him back, it was his fear of being abandoned again. Jill promises him that she would never leave him, and he promises he'll never lie again.

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The show's finale brought us back to flashback of Tibet in 1706 where Gaytso and his lover were seen. After that we see, Phil.

Jill received some letters of appreciation. Will confronts to Jill that he gave his dad the envelope marked “Phil.” The letters are from seven organ recipients who survived due to Phil’s donations. Jill said that Phil saved seven lives, but she'd trade them all for one more hour with him.

Jill decided to hide letters from Jeff because he would get extremely curious to reply them all, adding his own thoughts. She also wants Jeff to blame her for Phil's death as she did not made him wear a seatbelt before the car accident.

Jeff confronts to Jill that Peter didn’t walk into traffic. “I f*ked up.” Jeff volunteers to donate a portion of his organ to Peter for the sake of surgery.

Jill tells Jeff to meet someone and along with Will, they go on a road trip to meet a woman running a marathon. We found out that her racing number matches the last number in Will’s book of magic. The woman is no one but one of the recipients of Phil’s heart. With the tears in their eyes, they listen to the woman’s — Phil’s — lively, beating heart. Rewinds played, showing scenes from Jeff and Jill together in reverse chronological order. The gets froze as the former couple lost in each other's eyes.

Kidding Season 2 added a flavor of absurdist humor, and imagination. It revolves around grief and healing both and still try to find the beauty in the world no matter what. Season 2 suggested Jeff to face his mistakes, and grief.

How Many Episodes Were There In The Previous Season of Kidding ?

The previous season of Kidding consisted of ten-episodes. The name of the episodes mentioned below:

  • Episode 1: The Cleanest Liver in Columbus, Ohio
  • Episode 2: Down and Everything in Between
  • Episode 3: I’m Listening
  • Episode 4: I Wonder What Grass Tastes Like
  • Episode 5: Episode 3101
  • Episode 6: The Death of Fil
  • Episode 7: The Acceptance Speech
  • Episode 8: A Seat on the Rocket
  • Episode 8: The Nightingale Pledge
  • Episode 10:The Puppet Dalai Lama

Kidding Season 3 Release Date

What Rating The Kidding Season 2 Has Received?

The future of the show is based on how well the previous season performed. Kidding season 3 has been cancelled due to “not so good” rating season 2 has received.

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The series has gotten 3/5 rating on Rottentomatoes. If you’re still confused about whether or not you should watch it, we suggest you to have a look at the series atleast once.

Where To Watch Kidding Online?

You have options to stream Kidding by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video. It is currently available on all these platforms.


Kidding is an American television comedy-drama series. The series has release its two seasons but is cancelled for a third season. The unsatisfying ratings and less viewership is responsible factor for not to bring its third season.

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