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Kickstarter: Kickstarter May Cut Upto 45 Percent Of Its Workforce


David Mudd

Kickstarter has brought a new bummer to us. Now that the coronavirus has affected the world so much, businesses are affected at a great rate. That being said, everyone’s job is at stake. This is because companies are thinking of cutting their excess employees off the team.

Now, this can be very frightening for all those that have jobs. Also, this is scary for the people who had started looking for jobs. The entire pandemic has put the world in a very confused state where people are scared.

Not only from the pandemic but also from the fear of loss of their jobs. And Kickstarter has given a blow to this flame with its latest announcement. Find out more about it below.

What Is Happening? (Kickstarter)


The company has recently announced its take on layoffs for its employees. And it is not something that you would like. The take of the company on this layoff might prove to be very harsh.

Now the company has informed to cut off about 45% of its workforce. This was informed after agreement on the layoff on the 1st of May. The OPIEU, the union for Kickstarter employees) has stood up to this issue.

And has come up with this agreement for the crowdfunding business. So this isn’t going to go well with the employees.

Why Is It Happening?

This is happening after the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world with a bomb. everyone is forced to stay at homes and businesses and economies have seen their worst lows. So the company needs to survive in an atmosphere of this kind.

And until businesses fo to their previous form, it would be supportive for the business to have a little load to pay. So they are deciding to cut off their staff members for the better of the company.

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More About This

The agreement is not all harsh. It will also support the employees for some time after they leave. So the people who leave will get about four months worth of severance pay. Based on their earnings, they’ll get varied months of healthcare coverage.


Those will $110001 or less get six months and those above this amount get four months of coverage. Now that they get their severance, they are not bounded to not work for any rival business. Also, they get their recall rights.

Under this, they can return to the firm if a job similar to theirs appears within a year.