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Kevin Kreider Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Bio and More (Latest News 2022)


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Kevin Kreider is an American reality star and model. In 2021, Kreider rose to prominence with his introduction on the Netflix reality series ‘Bling Empire’

At the age of three, he was adopted by an American family. He never quite felt like he fit in as a child. He chose to pursue a modelling and acting career. Kreider was the first Asian-American shirtless greeter at Abercrombie and Fitch’s Fifth Avenue branch in New York City.

Kevin Kreider’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $10 million.

Early Years

Kevin Kreider was born in South Korea on August 21, 1983. Three-year-old Kreider was adopted by a German-Irish family in Philadelphia. He was embarrassed to be the “Asian boy.” He spent the most of his life attempting to alter his appearance in an effort to gain self-esteem and confidence.

Kreider has discussed his issues with identity, confidence, and stereotypes of Asian masculinity in an honest manner.


Kreider began his career as a famous Wilhelmina model. Wilhelmina is one of the most prominent and successful modelling agencies, as well as a film, television, and commercial actress. Since 2008, his career has taken him to three continents and five countries.

His early career began as a professional natural bodybuilder until 2011, when he relocated to Asia. The rapid success of his modelling career led to his debut ads for the international corporations Gillette and Toshiba.

His commercial credits include numerous ads in China, the United States, and Thailand. Kevin also appears in five independent films as an actor. Kreider was the first Asian-American to welcome shirtless guests at the Fifth Avenue Abercrombie and Fitch in New York City.

In 2021, he gained to prominence as a cast member of the reality series ‘Bling Empire’ The show focuses on the lives of numerous affluent Asian-Americans residing in Los Angeles. Kevin is not extraordinarily wealthy. He is completely average.

In 2014, the nonstop nature of his entertainment industry work took a physical toll on his physique. Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune illness that affects the hair follicles, was identified as his condition. Not only did he lose the majority of his hair in two weeks, but he also lost his modelling career.

After developing Alopecia Areata, he attended a two-year Meisner acting conservatory and skateboarded throughout America, filming the experience.

Kevin Kreider’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $10 million.

How Does Kevin Kreider Spend His Money?

Kevin Kreider buys nice shoes with his money.

Kevin Kreider’s Shoes

Kreider has an abundance of shoes in his home. In the ‘Bling Empire’ show, his extensive shoe collection is displayed.

3 Life Lessons from Kevin Kreider

Now that you’re familiar with Kevin Kreider’s net worth and how he attained success, let’s examine some of the lessons we can learn from him:

1. Be Yourself

Starting today, say to yourself in the mirror, “I like myself. I am kind and enjoyable to be around. I don’t need to be anyone else since I’m already wonderful.”

2. Dream

Every morning, wake up with an idea and consider how you will implement it. Having life objectives and dreams facilitates their realisation.

3. Stand Up

You can stand up for yourself by communicating to others how their words and actions make you feel and that you do not like being treated in this manner.

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Kevin Kreider is an American reality star and model. Kreider first gained international recognition after appearing on the Netflix reality series ‘Bling Empire’ Kreider was born in South Korea, and at the age of three, he was adopted by a Philadelphia-based American family.

Kevin Kreider’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $10 million.

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