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Does Kevin Kreider Have A Girlfriend? Let’s Find Out Everything!

kevin kreider girlfriend

In this article, we will discuss the topics like Does Kevin Kreider Have A Girlfriend? Know Everything About Kevin Kreider and His Love Life. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Congratulations are in order for Kevin Kreider, whose third season of Bling Empire not only brings him career success but also a juicy new development in his love life. Here’s what’s new with the former model turned reality TV star…

The show has shown us a real-life Crazy Rich Asians-style world where Asian Americans in Los Angeles live in luxury and glamour. With a new season (and spin-off Bling Empire: Fresh York), new faces are joining the group. One is related to Kevin.

Kevin Kreider was the only first-season cast member shocked by the money. The Korean-born model was adopted by Pennsylvania Caucasians. He wasn’t as wealthy as his castmates. When he met Bling Empire, he learned more about Asian culture than his pals.

Kevin was more vulnerable than his castmates, who were more interested in glamour and gloss. His presence provided the show a more human dimension, whether he was comforting Kelly Mi Li when her relationship with ex-Andrew was challenging or bonding with Kim Lee over their parenting troubles and helping her identify her biological father.

Kevin begins to appreciate being a Netflix star and business owner in season three. We witnessed him present a business idea to Don and Mimi and buy his first automobile, a Tesla (though he did total it later in the episode…). Fans got an update on his love life after the Kim drama. Kevin Kreider of Bling Empire is profiled.

Does Kevin Kreider Have A Girlfriend?

After his ex-girlfriend Devon Diep showed up in episode nine of season three, Kevin is officially off the market. After an emotional meeting, the couple quickly got back together, which surprised Kim…

Since the third season came out, the two have been seen at events together, and they are now “official” on Instagram after posting cute videos and selfies together.

One post in particular gave the impression that the two are very serious about each other and in love! Kevin posted a picture of himself and Devon holding hands on a plane to let people know that the third season of Bling Empire was now on Netflix. Devon asked, “Did you find love?” Kevin replied, “I think so.”

Devon also posted a Bling Empire trailer on her own Instagram account, which was a hint that she would be on the show. Christine Chiu replied, “I have never seen Kevin happier, so thank you for coming back.” N’aww!

How Old Is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin was born on August 21, 1983, so he is 38 years old right now. In 2019, when Bling Empire was being filmed, we saw him celebrate his 36th birthday on the show.

What Is Kevin Kreider’s Job?

Kevin Kreider has modelled for Gillette, Peloton, and Men’s Health and Fitness, according to his website. He’s on Bling Empire (opens in new tab). He’s been on Dating After College and The Ugly Model.

Kevin presented Don and Mimi his non-alcoholic drinks firm “Sans” in episode 8 against Kelly. Sans gave people a non-alcoholic option. Kevin has discussed his own road to sobriety on the show.

Previously Millions viewed his 2018 TED Talk, “Redefining Asian Masculinity.” He talks about being bullied for being Asian and slender. “I foresee a future where Asian males may give totally, be vulnerable, share, love, and receive love” I foresee a world where Asian men are as cool, sexy, and fun as other men.

His video on being Asian got him into Bling Empire. Kevin told Bustle that Kelly contacted him after watching and suggested they meet in LA.

What Is Kevin Kreider’s Net Worth?

There were rumors that Kevin was worth $10 million, but he recently shot those rumors down. In an interview with CNBC’s Make It, he said, “I’ll let everyone know when that happens” (his net worth will be in the millions).

He said, “For a long time, I thought my most successful years were when I was a personal trainer.” He was talking about the time he had $26,000 in credit card debt. And now that the show is over, I can see that my best times are still to come. And they’re already happening.”

Even though he has a long way to go before he’s as rich as the rest of the cast (we believe in you, Kev! ), he’s finally renting a place for himself. His 515-square-foot apartment costs him $1,700 a month. Not even close to $19,000 Jamie Xie said that she pays for her apartment, but it still feels like a “luxury” to him.

Kevin Moved To LA Due To Stress

Kevin had alopecia areata, or hair loss from stress, when he was 30. Even though he also saw a doctor, the model says that what helped him the most was meditation (maybe he used the best meditation apps? ), a better workout schedule that included strength training, a paleo diet, and yes, moving from New York to Los Angeles.

But before he moved to Los Angeles, he had the best time of his life when he skateboarded from LA to NYC. At the time, he talked to local news reporters about how losing his hair changed his life. He said, “As a model and an actor, you’re very concerned with how you look. All I knew was that. It changed my life a lot to lose everything in two weeks.”

He also wrote about the project on his IndieGoGo page, where he said he wanted to “find out what it means to be Asian American and go on dates with women in rural America who may have only heard stereotypes about Asian men to find out what they think of interracial dating.”

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