Kendall Jenner’s Super-high Hair Stole the Show at Schiaparelli



Well-mannered, prim, and… Parisian? It’s not exactly the right look for a Stepford wife, but Kendall Jenner’s outfit at the Schiaparelli show at Paris Fashion Week today seemed to be inspired by the perfectly styled women in Ira Levin’s humorous work. As she walked down the runway, her hair was done in a big bouffant with the ends turned out.

The house of Schiaparelli is known for its surrealist style, and its clothes often have visual jokes like anatomical details and keyholes. However, Kendall Jenner‘s all-red dress seemed out of place for the over-the-top Parisian house. she has  Car Collection From Ford To Ferrari.

She wore a pair of the brand’s signature peep-toe shoes in a creamy white color, but her dress was a simple strapless number covered in tiny red beads. She didn’t wear any accessories with her outfit. Instead, her hairdo and dress, which were both made in the style of the 1950s, stole the show.


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Kylie Jenner, who is Jenner’s sister, was also in the crowd. She wore a shimmering gown that made a bigger statement than Jenner’s outfit. It had a keyhole cutout, which is a trademark of the name, right in the middle. what do u think is Kendall Jenner And Bad Bunny Dating.

Jenner has worn a throwback haircut on the runway more than once this fashion month. During Milan Fashion Week, she walked in the Versace show with a barrette and tips that were also flipped out. Donatella Versace put a white bow in her hair and a white bag and shift dress on her for the runway show. we all know that Bad Bunny And Kendall Jenner Go Public As A Couple At The Gucci Show During Milan Fashion Week!

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