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Kendall Jenner Net Worth: How She Earn And Spend On Her Resources?

Kendall Jenner is a reality TV star and fashion model from the United States. Kendall Jenner is worth $45 million dollars. She is best known for her part with her family on the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Kendall is one of the models who gets paid the most money. She made $10 million between June 2015 and June 2016. That’s more than double the $4 million or so she made the year before.In 2019, she made about $12 million from all of the things she did. Kendall makes money from social media posts, appearance fees, and endorsement deals with companies like Calvin Klein, Estee Lauder, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Kar Lagerfeld, and more.

She had a great taste in classic car collection so she spent most of her money on her comforts.Recently she buy a new mansion in beverly hills which worth is about $8.5 million.

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