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Ken Block Car Collection: How Many Luxurious Cars Parked In His Garage?



In his Gymkhana series, Ken Block is the crazy driver we all know and love. He does crazy things while driving a bunch of high-horsepower, epic rides. Block recently announced a new partnership with Wheel Pros, the company that owns Rotiform, American Racing, Fuel Off-Road, Kinesis, and American Force. Ken will work with these brands to make signature designs, like the KB1 wheels from Rotiform and The Block from Fuel Off-Road, which can be pre-ordered this fall on Carcaine Part Supply’s website. In honor of this new partnership and collaboration, Block got his huge fleet of cars out to show off their new shoes.

If you watch Gymkhana, you might think you know what Ken Block’s fleet looks like, but it might be more complicated than you think.

Look at Ken’s amazing collection of cars down below.

Ken Block Car Collection

Ken Block Car's Collection

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