Kelly Mi Li Boyfriend: Star Confirmed She Is Dating Someone New!



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Kelly Mi Li was in a bad on-and-off relationship with former red Power Ranger Andrew Gray when the first season of Bling Empire came out on Netflix.

Even though they broke up while filming, in the last episode of Season 1, they got back together. Before Season 2, they broke up again, but Andrew made a surprise appearance at the end of Season 2. Fans had to wait about five months to find out if he had come back to the show to get back with Kelly.

When the Bling Empire crew started filming Season 3 again, Kelly was ready to move on with her love life. By the end of the season, the reality star confirmed that she was seeing someone new. Who is the new boyfriend of Kelly Mi Li, and do they still go out? Find out what Kelly has recently said about her love life by reading on.

kelly mi li boyfriend

Who Is Kelly Mi Li, From “Bling Empire,” Dating Now?

Kane Lim from Bling Empire did his best to set up Kelly with his friend John at the beginning of Season 3, but the two only went on a few dates before they realized there was nothing there.

By the time the finale came around, Kelly said she was dating someone else, but she wasn’t ready to tell her friends who it was.

In “The One That Got Away,” the tenth and final episode of Season 3, Kelly confirmed that she was in a relationship. Kane was ready to tell everyone about his friend’s new love interest, but he didn’t. He kept any information about him to himself.

Christine Chiu wondered if Kelly and Andrew were back together. Kelly quickly denied that they were back together. She did say, though, that she thinks her ex-boyfriend is a “great person” and that she wants the best for him.

Kelly said about her new boyfriend, “You’ll meet him when the time is right.”

During a confessional, Kelly did not say who her new boyfriend is, but she did say that she is in love.

“I’ve been hurt a lot in the past, that’s for sure. But I’ve found love at last…” Kelly said. “I think I want to slowly introduce him to the group, and I can’t wait to see what happens.”

kelly mi li boyfriend

After “Bling Empire” Season 3, Is Kelly Still With Her Boyfriend?

After Season 3 came out on Netflix, Kelly’s Instagram feed gave more hints about her new relationship. She said that she and the mystery man are still together. On Oct. 6, a member of the O.G. Bling Empire cast shared a clip from the show in which she talked about her ideal man.

Kelly said in the video that her dream guy is someone who is “kind, grounded, sincere, honest, and doesn’t judge.” Also, she listed a lot of qualities in the clip before joking that she was just looking for “the basic stuff.”

Kelly wrote in the caption of her Instagram photo, “This scene, tho,” and added three laughing-crying emojis. “But hey, I found him [emoji with a winking face]. So girls, don’t settle for less!”

Kelly is still seeing her mystery boyfriend, so if Bling Empire comes back for a fourth season, viewers might get to meet him.

Now, you can watch all of the first three seasons of Bling Empire on Netflix.

kelly mi li boyfriend

A Brief Account of Her Life and Her First Husband

Mi Li began babysitting at the age of 12 and later worked at a restaurant, Victoria’s Secret, and Pottery Barn. She obtained her life and health insurance licence at the age of 18 and began working for New York Life. Her mother expected her to be a doctor, but when she was 21, Mi Li quit out and moved to Los Angeles. She met her first spouse, Lin Miao, while working in the restaurant industry there. Lin Miao was the founder of a texting firm who introduced Mi Li to a world of incomprehensible wealth.

The pair routinely spent $400,000 on their Black AmEx card, flying private to Tokyo and stockpiling Birkins and Tiffany jewellery. They owned seven automobiles and four houses. The government then showed up one day in 2015 and arrested him. Miao was orchestrating “one of the greatest cyber frauds in American history,” according to the FBI.

“It was quite shocking for me,” Mi Li told The Washington Post, adding that she and her husband were in the process of divorcing when she found out — the marriage had “other troubles,” she claimed.

“The good news was that it did not occur while we were still together.” But it was difficult since I had no idea what was going on, and my mother and I were lending him our personal funds to help with his legal bills.” Eventually, all of her money was gone.

Mi Li reduced her expenses by selling a large number of Birkins. But she ultimately got back on her feet; even after she got married, she never stopped working; it wasn’t in her nature to give up.

“As an entrepreneur, there are always ups and downs,” she explained. “Money comes and money goes. I’ll always be able to make money; it’s just that there’s an adjustment phase now and then.”

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