Kelis Net Worth: All We Know About Her Income, Salary and Biography?


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Kelis Rogers is an American singer and songwriter from Harlem, Manhattan, New York. Kelis net worth is $4 million as of now. She made her name for herself in R&B, Hip Hop, Soul and Electronic music genres.

Kelis obtained popularity in the music world through the release of her hit singles which include Caught out There, Acapella, Flesh Tone, Bossy and Milkshake.

Keli’s professional singing career started when she was fourteen years old. At that time she was taken admission to New York’s Fiorella H. LaGuardia high school of music and art. She was performing arts there.

kelis net worth

Kelis started learning the saxophone and then received an opportunity to become a part of the Girls Choir of Harlem.

Before starting her singing career Kelis has done few jobs in the country. She decided to leave her house at the age of 16. And after four years of struggle, she grabbed the attention of plenty of record labels. Keli’s popularity started to explode after she signed an album with Virgin Records.

After this, she released plenty of hit music records and it helped her to gain a lot of fame. Then she started teaming up with high-profile artists such as Busta Rhymes and many more like this. Kelis is also well known for getting sold more than 6 million records all over the world.

In addition to all this Kelis received success when her 11th single reached the top 10 of the UK singles chart. Kelis has collaborated with more than 21 music videos and singles for artists as a featuring artist.

She Has Numerous Albums and Songs and Some of Them Are as Below:

  • Six studio album
  • One compilation album
  • Thirty-nine tracks
  • Twenty-nine music videos

Despite having huge success in the music industry, she developed a keen interest in food at an early age. So for pursuing a career in the food industry she teamed up with her mother and eventually switched from a music career to a food career.

kelis net worth

Along with this, she took admitted to a cooking school which is called Lee Cardon bleu. She received well success in the business industry when she clinched the brand of distinctive signature sauces. Also, she founded her accessories line.

What is the Early Life of Kelis?

Her full name is Kelis Rogers-Mora and she was born on 21st August 1979 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York. Her parents’ names are Kenneth and Eveliss.

Keli’s father was known for being a Jazz musician and he also worked as a professor at Wesleyan University. Keli’s mother worked as a fashion designer. Kelis has two older sisters and one younger sister.

She started taking an interest in music from an early age. This is all because of her mother who insisted she pursue a career in music. But, at the age of 16 due to bad behaviour of Kelis, she got kicked out of her house by her parents.

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What is the Education Kelis Has?

At the time of her growing age, she joined the church choirs where she perform as well as learn playing the piano, saxophone and violin. It was the same time when Kelis was studying at Manhattan Country School and later on she was admitted to Fiorella H. LaGuardia High School of music and art.

Along with her studies in high school, she founded the BLU and its full form is Black Ladies United and it was the R&B trio. Before entering the music school, she did several jobs such as, first all, she became a bartender and then worked as a saleswoman at a clothing shop.

At this time Kelis was still studying in high school. Further, she got a chance to sign a deal with Virgin Records. At that time she got invited by her friend to work with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo who are known as The Neptunes.

They all build a strong bond which eventually turned out to signing of Virgin Records by Kelis.

What is the Singing Career of Kelis?

Eventually, after signing the deal with Virgin Records, Kelis began making music in the middle of 1998. Kelis dropped her debut album under the contract with Virgin Records and its name is Kaleidoscope.

The album peaked 7th rank at the UK album chart and this album was recorded in just one year by Kelis. This also received Gold Certification and it became a turning point in Kelis’s career.

It also includes the popular single caught Out There. Since this album, her career took a grip and she never stopped until now.

She came up with the release of her second album Wanderland in 2001 by collaborating with The Neptunes. This album became even more successful and gained 78 on the UK chart. The single lead from this album was Young; Fresh n New became the massive hit of that time.

When Kelis released her third studio album Tasty, a breakthrough moment arrived in her career. It became a mainstream success in her entire music career. This album was released in 2003 under the record labels Star Tarak and Arista.

Moreover, it also earned Platinum Certification by BPI. It earned the 27th spot on the Billboard 200.

From this, she never stopped and released numerous albums which including Kelis was Here in 2006. Flesh Tone in 2010 and Food in 2014. She also went on a tour named Tasty Down under Tour in 2004. After this, she continued to perform on several tours which are as follows

  • All hearts tour with Robyn in 2010
  • Intimate Venues Tour in 2014
  • Kaleidoscope 20th Anniversary Tour in 2020

What is Her Acting Career With Kelis?

In a South Korean action movie named Volcano High, Kelis did her first voiceover. After this, she came up as the Musical Guest on the American Late Night show and its name was Saturday Night Live.

In 2010, she again did a voiceover in the animated musical movie Freaknik: The Musical and her character in this movie was Tyra Banks.

In the following year, Kelis became the Quickfire Judge for the American reality television series named Top Chef Masters. She appeared in 2 episodes of season 3 of the show. Kelis also appeared as a guest judge in Fashion Police in 2012 and starred in a short film Brazzaville Teenager in next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Her Net Worth of Kelis?

As of now, Kelis Net Worth is estimated as $4 million. She is one of the most famous singers in the world. She came into the limelight when she dropped her second album Wanderland. Since then she never stopped and grabbed the attention of the huge audience.

According to some reports she earns her income via album sales, royalties, shows, collaborations as well as tours. She has released all around 7 albums which includes her incredible project that sold 6 million copies globally.

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The American singer and songwriter Kelis is known for releasing her hit single Milkshake and since then she never stopped.

She has come over to sell 6 million copies of her records and earned two Grammy Award nominations. So this also counts a huge Kelis net worth which is $4 million.