Kayla Cardona Net Worth: Career, Earning and Everything We Know About Her?


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Kayla Cardona is the newest member of “Selling The OC” who earns her wealth from real estate. The public is so much curious about her occupation and personal life because she is new to the business show. As of now Kayla Cardona Net worth is $2 million.

Netflix’s show Selling the OC has gained huge fan base. The shows most fascinating element is that the luxurious lifestyle that the majority of cast members seems to enjoy.

In addition to this, the show conveys to the viewer the wealth of The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County, California workforce.

Kayla Cardona Net Worth

So due to this, viewers of this Selling Sunset spin-off are interested in the Kayla Cardona net worth and other related information regarding her.

In the first season of the show, she had given so much importance so viewers are now curious to know about Kayla Cardona’s sources of income and current net worth.

What is the Career and Net Worth of Kayla Cardona?

Kayla Cardona is a real estate agent and she earns her income via transactions she completes. Most likely, she has earned million dollars or more through this business. We must add the proper value of the properties that Kayla has made deal of and also her additional sources of income to calculate her net worth.

Moreover, the average price of her recent house sold was $4 million. Real estate business has helped plenty of people with phenomenal net worth and best example of it is Chelsea Lazkini.

According to the first season of Selling the OC, the commission ration for the majority of luxury houses in Orange County sold by agents is 3%. The commission is on the purchase price. Then the share of this goes to the selling agent, brokers, buying agent.

So in short, for each sold out property Kayla earns around 0.75% of the sale price of the property. Every year she successfully closes around ten deals. In addition to this as a bartender in Orange County she earns between $25000 and $30000.

According to all these income sources, Kayla Cardona net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Does Kayla Cardona is Married?

Well, Kayla Cardona is not married to anyone and so she does not have a husband. But the real estate agent does have a son. This single mother has did plenty of jobs in different fields. Because of some episodes of the show, some fans considered Tyler Stanaland to be her spouse.

Kayla Cardona Net Worth

Tyler sought to maintain composure to prevent Kayla from experiencing any shame despite his discomfort at her drunken attempt to kiss him. He talked about the situation in a recent interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast.

After this, Kayla made efforts to apologise Tyler in Episode 6. Tyler sportingly accepted her regret and assured her that his marriage was safe. Tyler also mentioned how he is close to his wife. Check out the following video to get to know more about this incidence.

Kayla mostly does not like to open up about her relationships to public like many other celebrities.

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Kayla Cardona in Netflix’s Show

At the time Kayla Cardona begun getting social media feedback regarding the Selling The OC casting, she was happily employed at her prior firm.

When the casting directors called back, according to Kayla, she almost “immediately said no.” She did not, however. And as a result of that decision, she might have changed her life.

One of 11 realtors that answer to Jason and Brett Oppenheim is the Orange County native. If you liked the relationship between Christine Quinn and Chrishell Stause, then this show is for you.

Kayla Cardona Net Worth

The program is a derivative of Selling Sunset, a popular competition show with many of contestants. Selling the OC is centered around the newest Oppenheim Group location in Orange County, California.

Who is Kayla Cardona?

The current base of operation as an award-winning real estate agent Kayla Cardona is Orange County in the United States. She has gained tremendous attention recently due to her appearance in the show Selling The OC.

Kayla Cardona works as a licensed real agent at Oppenheim Group.

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What is the Biography of Kayla Cardona?

As of now, the age of Kayla Cardona is 33 years old. Kayla hasn’t disclosed any information about her actual birth date and zodiac sign. She was born in 1989 in the state of California, United States.

She is not married to anyone neither she has boyfriend as of now. Though she has a son and his name is Jordan. He was born in December 2006. So as of now he is 16 years old and currently enrolled in high school.

Kayla became pregnant when she was in high school by her boyfriend Jordan.

However, we have very less information about the dad of her child. Despite of this, Kayla and her ex-boyfriend stayed together for number of years during which they welcomed their kid.

What is the Education of Kayla Cardona?

Kayla’s educational experience includes graduating high school with good grades. Eventually it allows her to pursue education in college and university.

It is also possible that she may have so many degrees and certificates which are related to real estate.

What is the Family Background of Kayla Cardona?

Kayla was born and grew up in the United States of America. She was raised by her doting parents.

She had a pretty eventful childhood, and she delighted in playing with other children during her childhood years. Her mother and father were very devoted parents who put in a lot of effort to ensure that their daughter received a good education and that they always had food on the table.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Height and Weight of Kayla Cardona?

Kayla has height approximately 5 ft 4 inches. Well, it is not possible to determine her weight or any other physical parameters of her.


As of 2022, Kayla Cardona net worth is $2 million. She is an aspiring American real estate agent with certificate. Kayla has well education background.