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Kavya Maran is the son of India’s notorious businessman and Sun Group president Kalanithi Maran, and she’s known throughout the proprietor of the Sunrisers Hyderabad( IPL ballot platoon).

Kavya Maran Memoir

Sunrisers Hyderabad platoon proprietor Kavya Maran was born on 6 August 1992 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, she’s a notorious womanish entrepreneur of India, and she’s also notorious for being the son of her father and Sun Group Chairman Kalanithi Maran.

 And she came into the media captions when during a match, the match cameraperson showed her feelings And made commentary by fastening cameras on her.

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Kaviya Maran Family

 There’s no need to tell important about the entire family of Kavya’s family, her entire family is formerly veritably notorious among the people, but for your information, let us tell you that her mama ’s name is Kavery Kalanithi Maran and her father’s name is Kalanithi Maran( kavya Maran father name).

Where her mama is the loftiest- earning businesswoman in India. while her father is the president of Sun Group.

Piecemeal from this, the name of her family is Samikshadhin Maran. While her forefather’s name is Murasoli Maran, who was the Union Minister of India, and her grandmother’s name is Mallika Maran.

 Kavya Maran Education

 On the other hand, if we talk about Kavya’s education, also she has completed her abecedarian training at a private academy in Chennai and after that, she has completed her studies till a Master of Business Administration( MBA) from Chennai University.

Kavya Maran Marriage & Husband Name

 Still, she isn’t married yet, and she’s presently 29 times old, If we Talk about Kavya’s wedded life. As soon as she gets wedded, also you’ll surely be told about ‘ Kavya Maran Husband ’ Name ‘.

What’s Kavya Maran’s Net Worth?

On the other hand, if we talk about the net worth of Kavya, according to some website reports, her net worth is between 50 crores to 100 crores, but no information about this has been participated officially by kavya or any members of her group.

kavya maran

 Kaviya Maran Social Media

 He’s also veritably active on social media. His addict- following runner is huge. utmost of the girls follow them veritably precisely. She takes great care of herself as well as her entire team. However, you can check about them by going to Instagram, Facebook, If you want.

 Because a lot of information will be made available to you on social media platforms. Because their addict runners are veritably much on all the platforms, which are followed and liked a lot by the people.

 Kaviya Maran Family

His father’s name is Kalnithi Maran. His mama ’s name is Kaveri Kalnithi. They don’t have any siblings. Kaviya Maran’s father is the Grand Whoreson of M.Karunanidhi, who’s also the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Politician, and Indian pen.

 His uncle’s name is Dayanidhi Maran, who’s the Minister of fabrics in India. His forefather is Murasoli Maran, former Union Minister of India. Kaveri Maran’s mama Kaveri Maran is also the highest- paid businesswoman along with being the Joint Managing Director of this company.

Kaviya Maran Career

 She’s the CEO of SRH and a businesswoman. His payment is around87.5 crores. SUN TV Network is the largest TV broadcast network in India. Which was before handled by Kaviya Maran’s father but now she also works with him in business.

kavya maran

 It also went to the opening of IPL 2021. Where he has been seen numerous times in orange color jerseys. She loves justice and frequently goes to president her platoon. For numerous girls, Kaviya Maran is like a part model.

 Meet SRH’s riddle girl-” Kavya Maran”

 The riddle girl of Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kavya Maran was spotted several times during the match of SRH against KKR. She could be seen jumping with joy when Rashid Khand took the gate of KKR’s nature Shubhman Gill.

Well, Who’s the Riddle Girl?

 Kavya Maran is the CEO of Sunrisers Hyderabad and the son of Kalanithi Maran. She’s involved with Sun Music and FM channels of Sun TV.

 Kavya was first spotted in 2018, supporting SRH in a match against KKR. She has always been veritably active about her platoon and is regularly seen in the transaction of IPL.

She’s also generally present at all venues where SRH plays. During history’s match, Kavya was spotted wearing SRH’s orange jersey and appeared on television screen several times during the match.

 SRH Owner

 She’s the CEO of the Sun Bimahs Hyderabad ballot and the son of Kalanithi Maran, Chairman and author of SUN Group. She’s also a part of SUN music and FM channels of SUN TV. She’s the grand- whoreson ofM. Karunanidhi, the late former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

IPL SRH riddle girl Kaviya Maran has been regular to matches supporting her platoon and cheering for the players but still, it took some time for her identity to be fully revealed.

As she most surely caught attention of numerous with her cute fascinating face and active involvement and after that, a fashionability spurt was on her way. Kavya is also regular at using social media.

 Awards and Recognition Kavya is keenly watched as she’s being prepped to come one of the most important media persons of India.

Kavya has always been nominated as the’ riddle girl of SRH‘. That’s because of the fact that she becomes the focus of camerapersons during SRH matches.

kavya maran

 Relationship Status

Kavya has always been a target of gossip and runner 3 journalists. Lots of vicious and fake news about her relationship status have been published.

Many times back, she was said to be dating the inheritor of TVS family. latterly, she was spotted with Nagarjuna’s son Akhil Akkineki in an IPL match giving fodder to scuttlebutt mongers.

 As of now, there’s no believable information about the relationship status of Kavya Maran. She may not have any swain.


 Kavya Maran is the son of media Napoleon Kalanidhi Maran. She’s the only child of Kalanidhi and hence is considered the descendant of the Sun Group. She has started to take rein of the group by taking over directorial functions at Sun Music, Sun TV and FM business.

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