Katy Perry’s side-swept bangs and 1960s bouffant updo take her back in time



A new Dolce & Gabbana ad featuring Katy Perry celebrated the debut of their newest perfume, Devotion, towards the end of the previous year. The joint team has unveiled a brand-new promotional photograph of the celebrity honoring “the smell of LOVE” for Valentine’s Day, which was launched just under a few months ago. And we have a lot to say about the glam beauty style that was donned.

Instagram users saw Katy posting a picture of herself holding a large bottle of the fragrance. Although the rosé-colored perfume appears to be delicious—it is after all a gourmand—we can’t help but be entranced by Katy’s retro hairstyle.

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The singer’s long raven locks have been pulled up to the top of her head, as seen in the photo below, creating a 60s bouffant updo. Her eye-grazing bangs have been brushed to the side, and the ends of her hair have been curled into tight tendrils that flow naturally around her face.

Isn’t she stunning in an Old Hollywood way? It’s channeling the glitz and charm of Sophia Loren in the early 1960s.

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This hairstyle, which creates a 360-degree beauty moment, is matched with a soft blush glam that includes picture-perfect skin, a cool-toned rose cheek, and a delicately overlined nude lip. Long lash extensions provide a striking eye look that doesn’t take away from Katy’s updo, which is the main attraction.

It’s a *chef’s kiss* all around.


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Oh, and one last thing – Katy, *clears throat in professional telephone voice* can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?

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