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Katie Meyer Stanford Death: Is She Died by Suicide!

Parental confirmation of Katie Meyer’s suicide by her 22-year-old soccer star daughter was verified, and the school’s fear of disciplinary punishment may have contributed to her death, according to Katie’s parents.

Suicide is a subject covered in this narrative. Suicide prevention services are available to anybody in the United States by calling 800-273-8255, texting HOME to 741741, or visiting

Stanford University soccer standout Katie Meyer’s parents think her death earlier this week was caused in part by her anxiety about facing disciplinary action from the school.

On Thursday, an official from the County of Santa Clara confirmed that Steve and Gina Meyer’s 22-year-old daughter committed herself. They are coming out in the aim of avoiding other parents from going through what they have.

She was discovered dead in her college dorm room on Tuesday, only a few months before she was due to graduate.

Gina Meyer revealed to Stephanie Gosk of NBC News’ TODAY show on Friday that her mother had committed herself. “Last week was like a parent’s worst nightmare, except that you never awoke. So it’s a complete disaster.”

Then she went on to say, “I don’t even believe it’s struck us yet.” “We’re still in a state of shock. We didn’t see any red flags, though.”

In their pursuit of information about Katie’s death, the couple claims that Katie may have received an email from the university informing her of a potential disciplinary action against her.

In an interview with TODAY, Steven Meyer stated that Katie was “being Katie” when she defended a teammate on campus who had been involved in an incident. “The repercussions of her defending that teammate (could result in disciplinary action),” Meyer said.

As Gina explained, “We are still waiting to receive that email.” “She had been receiving letters for a couple of months at this point. This letter served as a sort of final notice that there will be a trial or some other type of proceeding. This is the only thing that we can think of that may have triggered something in the system.”

Stanford University published a statement to TODAY in response to the Meyers’ worry that their daughter would be subjected to disciplinary action by the university.

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“Katie’s death has devastated our entire community, and we extend our heartfelt condolences to Katie’s family and to everyone who knew her at Stanford, across the country, and around the world. We are all in this together. Katie had a profound impact on many people’s lives. We are unable to provide information on student disciplinary problems that are considered confidential. We, as members of the university community, are continuing to grieve alongside Katie’s family and treasure our memories of Katie.”

Gina and Steve Meyer are now questioning whether the combined pressures of school and athletics were too much for their daughter to handle successfully.

The pressure to be flawless, to be the best, to be No. 1 is “worry and tension in equal measure,” Gina explained.

The Meyers’ final chat with their daughter took place through FaceTime, just hours before she committed suicide by hanging herself.

“She was overjoyed,” Gina remarked. “She had a lot on her plate at the time. She was dealing with a lot of things at the same time. She, on the other hand, was content. She appeared to be in good spirits.”

“It was just Katie being Katie,” Steven explained.

Katie’s teammates recalled her for her exuberant personality as well as her vivacity.

According to Stanford senior Sierra Enge, “I’ve never seen someone who has invested so much heart and soul into so many various facets of her life.”

“She simply enjoyed life to the fullest all of the time,” former colleague Naomi Girma recalled of her friend.

When Gina Meyer appeared on TODAY, she chose to wear a cardinal red hoodie that Katie had given her in order to feel close to her daughter. Last week, Katie wore it in a social media photo, and she looked great.

In tears, Gina explained that when she smelled the perfume, she could smell Katie. “I know it’s going to sound strange, but any mother will understand what I’m saying. When you smell it, it smells like her,” Gina said. “I’m wearing it because I have a strong desire to be close to her,” says the author.

A conversation about improving communication between parents and college administrators is something the Meyer family hopes to start. Because most university students are over 18 and considered adults, parents are frequently unaware of what is going on with their children. However, the Meyers believe they wasted an opportunity to perhaps save their daughter if they had only known what she was going through.

“Right now, we’re simply having a hard time,” Gina explained. “The mystery of what happened and why it happened continues to enthral us. We’re really devastated, just devastated.”

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