Katie Holmes Is Pregnant- Is Tom Cruise The Father?

Source- Herald Journalism

The Pretext

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx might have broken up, but the rumours are yet to be broken down.

I mean, if you know where I’m heading to.

Allegedly, Suri’s mother was pregnant with the 52-year-old actor’s child.

It was, reportedly, the reason why they graced the Met Gala together. Duh.

Last year, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx made their first public appearance together at the Met Gala.

This undeniably made people go into a frenzy. Were they the IT couple? Everyone definitely wondered.

These two are known for being notoriously private about their relationship.

But now you know why they were, right? Because they were already expecting!

The Situation

An alleged source has reportedly said that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife told her family and friends that she was three months pregnant at the time.

Hence, they finally decided to make their romance public and celebrate by walking the red carpet together.

They wanted to show the world their love for each other, you know. Pretty usual. Nothing extravagant.

Katie has apparently always dreamed of giving her daughter, Suri, a sibling, so to be pregnant again is a dream come true for her. Aw!

Nonetheless, a few tabloids have said that the story was cent per cent fake.

The End 

However, in a video on Instagram, the 52-year-old actor spoke about her relationship with Sela.

He said he’s just her mentor, and she’s his mentee. He was even Nick Cannon and Ed Sheeran’s mentor.

‘It’s a double standard when it comes to women, when it was the guys, everything is cool. But, when it was the women, they try to make it something else,’ he quoted.

Katie Holmes; ex-boyfriend continued to say that they were going to protect their own.