Kate Beckinsale Jokingly Moons Department Store After ‘Horrific News’


Donna Mack

“when the bottom falls out of your world the only response after crying till you’re sick is your own bottom,” she said.

Kate Beckinsale is managing her grief by giggling.

The 50-year-old English actress shared a video on Monday, July 1, in which she was seen mooning London department store Harvey Nichols while sticking her nude buttocks on a window from a high-rise.

She elaborated in the caption that she relocated following the passing of her cat, Clive, in June 2023, and the receipt of “horrific news.”

She said- “The day after Clive died and I received some of the most horrific news I’ve ever received that next morning – sometimes there’s nothing for it but for your friend to show up as hard as possible and spend the evening making prank calls and mooning Harvey Nichols,”.

She continued with a positive remark, stating, “Because sometimes the only response after crying until you’re sick is your own bottom when the bottom falls out of your world.”

Becksinsale concluded her message with a sentiment of appreciation for her friend, stating, “@nina_kate I will always remember the moment you jumped into the fire with me.

Her admirers praised her cheeky coping mechanism in the comment section, providing her with support.

“In the saddest of moments, I’ve realized humor and great friends are gods blessings 😍 xo,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Love how you navigate through trauma with humor, no matter how ridiculous ♥️🌝.”

The first anniversary of Clive’s death was marked by Beckinsale in June with an emotional Instagram tribute.

Kate Beckinsale Jokingly Moons Department Store After ‘Horrific News’

“Fly high my best angel on your one year anniversary. Oh my heart Clive I miss you. Not a soul like you. Love of my life 🤍,” she wrote alongside 10 videos of her and Clive’s moments together.

Beckinsale has also permanently inscribed Clive’s memory with a tattoo.

In August 2023, she revealed the new ink, which depicts the feline’s visage within a circle of stars.

“This has really helped,” she wrote via an Instagram post of the tattoo, which is placed inside of her forearm. “Sending love to the tattoo artist. Thanks so much @_dr_woo,” she added, tagging Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Docta Woo, who is known for his detailed animal designs.

Clive frequently appeared in cameos on Beckinsale’s Instagram profile prior to his passing. These included a photo of him donning a tuxedo that matched the Guilty Party star and footage of Beckinsale showcasing her glamorous makeover.

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