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Karsen Liotta Net Worth: Get to Know the Late Ray Liotta Daughter Karsen Liotta


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You may recall Ray Liotta (Henry Hill) from the Robert De Niro-starrer Goodfellas. Ray’s only child is Karsen Liotta.

Karsen Liotta is a well-known American model and actress. She is best known as the daughter of well-known American actor Ray Liotta and similarly well-known actress Michelle Grace.

The young actress, who was born and reared in the United States, has starred in films such as Prettyface and Mississippi Requiem.

Karsen, who is also a model, has a potential Hollywood career.

Karsen will be seen in the 2020 film Hubie Halloween opposite Adam Sandler and her father Ray.

Let’s go into the article to learn more about Karsen, the stunning actress, and model.


Liotta is a stunning woman. The actress inherited her mother’s good looks.karsen liotta net worth

On Instagram, where she has over 29.2k followers, her small physique gets a lot of likes.

Karsen has a 32-24-33 body measurement. She also has dark brown hair that is straight.

Her eyes are hazel in color.

Karsen is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs roughly 105 pounds.


She was born in the United States of America on December 21, 1998.

To say the least, her parents are well-known. Ray Liotta, Karen’s father, is a well-known actor.

He has appeared in films such as Goodfellas, Wild Hogs, Hannibal, and others.

Karsen’s mother is also a well-known actress. Michelle Grace is a well-known actress who has been in films such as A Rumour of Angels, Narc, and others.

Karsen must have attended a prestigious private school being the only daughter of famous people.

She, on the other hand, dropped out of college to pursue a career in acting.

Karsen began obtaining roles while she was young, so she decided to forego college and pursue acting instead.

Karsen has also started attending acting classes with Harry Mastrogeorge, a famed acting instructor.

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Ray Liotta, Karsen’s father, is an American actor best known for his performance as a mobster in the crime film “Goodfellas.”

Ray played Jay Marotta in the Oscar-nominated film Marriage Story, among other important appearances (2019).

Mary Liotta and Alfred Liotta, on the other hand, adopted him. Although Alfred is the son of Italian immigrants, Ray’s biological parents are of Scottish descent.

Ray has dated a lot of ladies in his life. Susan Keith, Michelle Johnson, Catherine Hickland, and others are among the famous names.

With his ex-wife Michelle Grace, he has only one daughter.

In addition, Ray Liotta and his girlfriend Jacy Nittolo got engaged on Christmas in 2020.

Ray was also charged with drunk driving after colliding with his Cadillac Escalade.

In 2018, Liotta joined Pfizer’s Chantix campaign as a spokesperson.


Michelle Karsen, Karsen’s mother, is an American actress who starred in the film “The Rat Pack.”

Michelle has had two marriages and two divorces. Mark Eugene Grace, a professional baseball player, was her husband.

The marriage, however, did not work out, and the couple divorced.

Michelle, on the other hand, met her second husband during a baseball game hosted by Mark. Ray Liotta would be her next husband.

They split in 2004 after things didn’t work out again. Karsen Liotta, their daughter, was born to them.

Michelle and Ray, despite their divorce, have remained close friends.

She is also said to have a similarity to the legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor.

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At the age of 15, the American actress began her career as a model. When Karsen was 14, she received an offer from Brandy Melville, a celebrity apparel business.

Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, and others trust the well-known clothing company.

Karsen, on the other hand, was approached by the company when she was just 14 years old, which meant she had to wait a year to be formally eligible.

Karsen has been modeling for approximately eight years and joined the organization in the year 2013.

She did, however, have an appearance as a child actress in the film A Rumour of Angels prior to her modeling career.

Catherine McCormack played Mary Neubauer’s child version, which Liotta played.

Karsen has recently worked on Hubie Halloween, Teenage Badass, The Dying Kind, and A Rose for Emily, among other projects.


Karsen’s acting career was not particularly successful. Her significant works include an appearance alongside Annalise Basso in the 2016 film Pretty Face.

Karsen has also appeared in the film Mississippi Requiem, which he co-wrote with James Franco.

Mississippi Requiem is a set of four short films based on William Faulkner’s short works.

“A Dry September,” “That Evening Sun,” “Elly,” and “A Rose for Emily” are the four Faulkner stories adapted.

In addition, Teenage Badass, which was released in late 2020, is one of her other works.karsen liotta net worth

Tiffany is Karsen’s character in Teenage Badass.

She also starred opposite Adam Sandler and her father, Ray Liotta, in the 2020 film Hubie Halloween as Barb.

Liotta also starred in the criminal thriller series Shades of Blue alongside her father, Ray. Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez co-star in the film.

Karsen has only been in minor roles, but she has demonstrated her acting abilities and is expected to appear in larger roles in the future.

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Currently, the American actress is unattached. There have been no rumors of extramarital encounters or romantic partnerships.

Karsen has also managed to keep her personal life secret, and the media has no access to it.

We haven’t seen the 23-year-old with anyone, so we can’t confirm her relationship status.

Karsen is quite active on Instagram and updates it frequently. She did, however, share a romantic photo with a man.

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Liotta is a model for Brandy Melville, a well-known apparel label. She must have made a substantial sum of money.

Karsen also posed for a number of reputable agencies, and her annual compensation is said to be around $65,000.

Her net worth is also reported to be about $1 million.

Ray Liotta, Liotta’s father, has a net worth of $14 million.

Karsen’s mother, on the other hand, is reported to be worth $1.4 million.

Ray bought a 6,184 sq ft mansion for $2.7 million in 2003 with his enormous personal worth.

There is no information about whether Karsen lives with her father or not.