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In 2020, Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns began dating after years of friendship. They think their strong connection helped their relationship.

“I think it’s sort of cool to date your best friend,” Woods remarked on her Instagram programme Regular-ish. “Friends. We share emotions. We’ve been through hard situations together and know each other well.”

Towns said “years ago” friends introduced the model and the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball player, but “there was never a kiss or anything” until 2020.

The couple began dating in May 2020 and announced it in September. Since then, they’ve travelled the world and shared their love on social media.

Here is everything you need to know about the relationship between Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Karl Anthony Towns And Jordyn Woods Start Dating In May 2020

Woods and Towns met through a common friend “years ago” and were friends for a long time before dating in May 2020.

On Woods’ 2021 Instagram programme Regular-ish, Towns remarked, “Friends introduced us years ago. We’ve been more than pals since then. I just call them best pals. We then became closer.”

NBA player continued, “COVID happened and caused us issues. We had to choose between being friends or more. Second was chosen.”

karl anthony towns girlfriend

September 27, 2020: Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns Say On Instagram That They Are Dating

The model made their romance official on Instagram four months into their relationship with a series of photographs of her and her new beau making out on the beach in matching Versace swimwear.

“I discovered you, then I found myself,” Woods wrote in the captions.

“There are darknesses and lights in life, and you are one of the lights, the light of all lights,” the Minnesota Timberwolves centre captioned a similar set of photographs on his Instagram account.

Karl-Anthony Towns’s 25th Birthday Is On November 14, 2020. Jordyn Woods Surprises Him With A Mariachi Band

Woods surprised her boyfriend Towns with a mariachi band the day before his 25th birthday so they could start celebrating early.

In a video posted on Woods’ younger sister Jodie’s Instagram Story, the couple danced slowly to the music in what looked like one of their homes.

Woods also put together a slideshow of pictures of the two of them and called Towns her “partner in crime.”

March 18, 2021: Jordyn Woods Denies That Karl-Anthony Towns Cheated On Her, And He Hints At A Future Marriage Proposal

Towns and her boyfriend responded on Twitter to screenshots of a chat between Towns and another lady.

“It’s strange that someone can produce phoney screenshots and submit them to blogs, and you guys believe it,” Woods commented. “Everything about my connection is strong.”

Towns added. He denied the rumours and suggested he and Woods would marry shortly.

Athletes wrote, “You think I’ll spend my time with anyone else after getting the worst chick in the game? gtfoh!” “When I put the ring on her finger, we’ll still have the same haters,” he wrote about proposing.

karl anthony towns girlfriend

Karl-Anthony Towns And Jordyn Woods Will Spend Their First Wedding Anniversary In St. Lucia On May 20, 2021

To mark their first year together, the couple took off for some fun in the sun. Woods posted several pictures from their anniversary trip and wrote, “I can’t believe it, it’s a photo dump series! This week, you can expect a lot of these.”

In the photos, you could see a “Happy Anniversary” banner and balloons in their room, as well as a green crocodile Hermès Birkin bag that looked like it was a gift for the occasion.

Karl-Anthony Towns Defends Jordyn Woods Against Claims That She Had Plastic Surgery On September 10, 2021

Towns responded to body shamers on Twitter after Woods uploaded a “before” and “after” photo to promote her fitness app and was accused of plastic surgery.

“I’ve SEEN the hard effort and the outcomes,” Towns wrote. “Since she was 10, she’s been called fat. She worked hard and altered her life instead of letting the Internet rule her. Fitness saved her!”

He told Woods, “Love you, baby. You make me happy to call you Girl, Queen, Rock, and Everything every day.”

karl anthony towns girlfriend

Karl-Anthony Towns And Jordyn Woods Spend Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022, Going Into Ice Caves

Even though their relationship was getting hotter, they took it easy on their second Valentine’s Day together. They went to the Ice Castles in Minnesota and took some cute pictures together by the impressive structures.

Karl-Anthony Towns Gives Jordyn Woods A Unique Gift For Her 25th Birthday On September 25, 2022

For her 25th birthday, Towns helped Woods start two businesses. “He realizes how hard I’ve been working on these projects, and this is the ultimate stage,” Woods said on Instagram Story. Sportsman’s letter was included.

“Happy 25th birthday to my birthday lady! After this, you may say you’re 18 like your mum every year lol… I know I’ve given you things others want (King S—) every year, but this year, your 25th, it’s time to quit being a girl and start being a woman. I’ll fund two enterprises you choose. Life must progress. I adore you so much.

Letter continued, covering bottom words.

“Believe in her goals the way she believes in yours,” Towns tweeted Woods’ tale again. He Instagrammed Woods’ birthday photos the day before. “I could write a letter about how great you are,” he captioned. “But everyone knows my feelings. 24-7 love.”

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