KanColle Season 2: Is KanColle Season 2 Delayed In Episodes Releasing?


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Here you are going to find out all the latest updates about KanColle Season 2. Let’s have a look on what we have found out for you.

What is KanColle Season 2 all about? Who is the casting members of the series? How much episodes is it going to consist? When is it releasing?

In order to know the answers of the questions mentioned above, go through this article.

About KanColle Season 2

Kantai Collection, popularly known as KanColle is having season 2 almost after the seven years since the first one came out. The anime is based on a web browser game that launched in 2013. It is set in a world where humanity has lost control of the seas.

Kazuya Miura is director of the anime at ENGI and Kensuke Tanaka wrote the scripts for the anime. Kaori Ohkoshi is composing the music, while Yuichi Imaizumi directs the sound.

Is KanColle Season 2 Delayed In Episodes Releasing?

KanColle Season 2 with its first episode released on November 4. The anime delayed its fourth episode from November 24 to December 15 due to circumstances in production. The fifth episode premiered on December 23, and the sixth episode was also delayed to January 19-20. The seventh episode was delayed to February 12.

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As the series is going to have only eight episodes. So now the question remains, when is the final episode is being releasing? It’s been a long journey full of delaying and complications for KanColle season 2, but we finally have a date for the eighth and final episode, episode 8 will make its broadcast debut in Japan on March 25 at 8:30pm Japan Time.


KanColle Season 2: Plot

A battle nears in Leyte Gulf against the Abyssal Fleet as these enemies occupy the sea. Kanmusu is the only one who can fight against them. The Shiratsuyu-class destroyer Shigure is the first one to Striking Force, 1YB3H but for Shigure, 1YB3H serves as a diversionary fleet, might be turning out to be their first and final mission together.

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Shigure doesn’t allow the enemy to take another comrade from her. The members of 1YB3H are suppose support each other.

KanColle Season 2

KanColle Season 2: Cast

The anime’s cast includes Saki Fujita, Yumi Tanabe, Aya Suzaki, Yui Horie, Iori Nomizu, Yui Ogura, Risa Taneda, Kozue Hayasaka, Wakana Miyakawa, Mana Komatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Yuki Yamada, and Nao Tōyama.

How Many Episodes KanColle Season 2 Going To Have?

The anime will have eight episodes. In order to improve the quality of KanColle, it was shortened to eight episodes instead of 12.

Episode 1 Sortie Day, November 04, 2022
Episode 2 Into the Strait, November 11, 2022
Episode 3 Night Battle in the Strait, November 18, 2022
Episode 4 Sasebo, December 16, 2022
Episode 5 Torpedo Squadron 2, December 23, 2022
Episode 6 Dark Clouds , January 20, 2023
Episode 7 Naval Interception Mission, February 12, 2023
Episode 8 See You Again on Another Quiet Blue Sea, 25 March 2023

The final episode to be released on March 25th 2023.

KanColle Season 2

Where is KanColle season 2 available?

Crunchyroll is streaming the series. It is currently available there with each episodes. As of right now, the new episodes are only subtitled, and thus there is no English dub version. In order to watch KanColle Season 2, you have to be a paid subscriber of Crunchyroll.

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Is KanColle available on Netflix or Prime Video?

No doubt, Netflix and Prime Video are one of the most-popular platforms to watch great shows or series. Unfortunately, KanColle Season 2 is currently available on Netflix or Prime Video. All you need to do is to be a paid
subscriber of Crunchyroll.

KanColle season 2 Ratings

Ratings are the first thing we go through before giving try to any show. If you want to know about the ratings or the performance of this series, here you go. On IMDb, KanColle season 2 has received 6/10.


KanColle season 2 has come almost after the seven years since the first season came out. Based on a web browser game that launched in 2013, it is set in a world where humanity has lost control of the seas. The series has released 7 episodes and is scheduled to release its 8th and final episode on March 25th.

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