Kai Tanaka-Reed: The New Character of Chicago Med!



Are you here to learn about the recently popular series “Chicago Med”? There is no wonder that Chicago Medis is one of the recently released shows which are part of the legendary  “One Chicago” franchise. Along with Chicago Med, there are  “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” building the beautiful and strong empire of the whole franchise and making a huge and firm base for the fans. 

There is no doubt that the whole franchise is working favorably and generating positive feedback for the people. The series is trying its best to generate a massive fan following among people and generate positive feedback. With all these things, there are certain things that the audience wants to learn. 

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The medical drama released new episodes weekly and brings new storylines and drama to the table. Things bring a whole new excitement among the people who kept hoping to see future episodes, there is no wonder that the audience kept wondering about the successive release and hoping the day of release would come sooner. 

Chicago Med tells the story of the medical staff at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in their emergency department. These doctors and nurses work professionally in the hospital and make sure to build a wall between their professional and personal lives. The series takes a dig into the life of these people who worked and showcases everything. 

Recently, some new characters were added to the show and one of them is Kai Tanaka-Reed. In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about the character in detail. If you are someone who has already attached the show but is confused about the character then this article is surely for you. 

Kai Tanaka-Reed: The New Character of Chicago Med!

 As of now, the eighth season of Chicago Med is airing on the screen. Chicago Med is one of the prominent series of NBC. The show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, the success of the show is already known among the people. That’s the reason why the series released so many sequels of their original program. As soon the show became massive, Amazon prime Video decided to take the rights streaming. 

As of now, the series has already released its seven seasons and the eight seasons of the show is currently streaming on the streaming platform. As soon as the first episode hit on the channel, fans were excited to see everything. The series brings the new drama with the same theme. 

However, as soon as the second episode aired, the fans remained curious about the new emerging character, Kai Tanaka-Reed, who brought  a lot of new questions to the minds of the people. The series introduced the Character as, “Caught Between the Wrecking Ball and the Butterfly.” 

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As soon as he entered the screen, we saw a lot about him. The fans certainly disliked the way he touches the body of the other colleagues and through this we got an idea of his character, the first year medical student surely away from the respect and manners. 

Other Than that, one of the other scenes that makes everyone think is regarding one of the episodes where Kai is helping out trauma surgeon Dr. Marcel (Dominic Rains) with a patient who has two bullet wounds in his leg. As we move forward with the scene, we see how Kai attempts to be the one to call the shots. At the same time, he forgets that he is in his first year in the medical field while Dr. Marcel has much more experience and knowledge than him. 

Later, we saw how Kai gets frustrated when the patient thanks Dr. Marcel and not him this shows his jealousy and nature. But this didn’t stop and he accused Dr. Marcel on how he took all the credit for saving the life of the patient while he was the one doing everything.. This comes disturbing to the fans and everyone thinks that he is in the wrong profession. 

Kai Tanaka-Reed of Chicago Med: Devin Kawaoka, A Man Behind the Charger!

Devin Kawaoka is the man behind the character. After the series premiered its second episode of the eighth season on the screen, people started to wonder about the character. The second episode brings unusual energy to the people and they start to question the nature of the character. Kawaoka has been acting since 2010. The actor has already premiered on some of the notable roles in the past. 

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As per the latest report, he is currently working in “Chicago Med.” However, he made debut in 2010, after he appeared in “In Between Men.” It was a small role for him but it was one of the early days when he appeared in the show. In 2012 he appeared in two films, “The Trouble with Cali” and “Surviving Family.” 

Along with this, he appeared in the film known as “Absence of Love.” Along with this, he also appeared in films like “The Lipstick Stain” and “The Professor.”

Moreover, in the later years, he appeared in the following roles and played notable characters in films like “The Path.” The series also featured Aaron Paul in the main lead. 

 After the series aired, he followed the role in “Criminal Minds.”  In the series, he appeared with the Andrew Garfield-led neo-noir film “Under the Silver Lake” in 2018.

In 2019, Kawaoka recurred in two episodes of “Good Trouble.”  Again, in the later year, he appeared in the series like, “Lucifer” and “Goliath.” The show is already a prominent series on the internet.

If you are someone who loves to watch shows, I think I don’t need to explain them to you. Lucifer is by far one of the most reachable series to the audience. The series premiered on Netflix, marking the prominent release and becoming one of the most watched series in the history of the OTT Platform.

In 2021, he then appeared in “The Manor,” a gothic supernatural horror film. The film follows the story of the horrific character and it was actually the season 8 of “Welcome to the Blumhouse ” film series.

At the time of writing, he is currently coming on “Chicago Med.” The series is gathering positive remake form the people and people are excited to witness the biggest release of the later episodes. If you have already watched the season then comment down your thoughts regarding it. 

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