Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 Release Date, Reddit Spoilers and More!


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Kagurabachi is a latest manga to Shonen Jump, has quickly gained attention and a growing fanbase. This new series launched in late September 2023, presents a captivating revenge story set within the action and fantasy genre. The narrative revolves around Chihiro, a young swordsmith who dedicates his days to training under his renowned father, Kunishige.

However, their peaceful life shatters when a malevolent group of sorcerers known as the Hishaku arrive, brutally murdering Kunishige and pilfering his enchanted blades, leaving Chihiro to grapple with profound grief and a quest for vengeance.

The manga is about to release its next chapter. Keep read to know Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 Release Date.

Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 Release Date

Waiting for Kgurabachi: Chapter 8 release date? Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 will be released on Sunday 5th November October. The wait is almost over now as few days left for this new chapter. Also read about the release of many more new chapters of various webtoon like One Piece Chapter 1097 Release DateSolo Farming in the Tower Chapter 34 Release Date, and Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 161 Release Date

Kagurabachi: Chapter 7 Recap

In the previous chapter of kagurabachi, we have seen that Chihiro and Char came under attack from a group of men. A man named Mr. Azami provided them an opportunity to escape upon glimpsing his official badge. Chihiro explained that Azami is a member of Kamuinabi, a government-affiliated organization.

The trio reunited with Hinao and Shiba at her place. Azami revealed that he has no intention of taking Char with him as she was looking forward to spending more time with Chihiro.

Shiba expressed concern about his former superiors’ interest in his intentions. They claimed to be unaware of Chihiro and the enchanted blade he possesses. Azami informed the group about an upcoming auction. He concluded by advising everyone to prepare for this upcoming event. 

Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 Release Date

Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 Reddit Spoilers

Do you want to know what is going to happen in the manga? Well, let us remind you that the official sppoilers are currently available, although it can be out anytime soon since the release date is pretty near. Talking about our expectations with the new chapter, In the previous chapter, the intense battles between sorcerers and Chihiro appear to have subsided, possibly due to Kamunabi’s intervention in erasing their bounties.

The forthcoming chapter is expected to see Chihiro and his companions as they strategize and make preparations for the impending auction. Their primary focus will likely revolve around navigating the challenges that lie ahead.

Where to Read Kagurabachi: Chapter 8?

Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 will be available to read on many Viz Media’s official site, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump. We would like to suggest our readers read upcoming chapters from the official website to support the original creators’ work.

Is Kagurabachi Worth Reading?

Kagurabachi, despite its recent debut, has risen in popularity on MANGA Plus and is now considered one of the top manga on the website. This series shows addition to Shonen Jump. The story shows its sides from the very beginning, skillfully balancing a substantial domestic scene featuring Chihiro and his father in the first chapter and subsequently transitioning to his adult years.


Kagurabachi is a latest manga to Shonen Jump. Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 will be released on Sunday 5th November October. Kagurabachi: Chapter 8 will be available to read on many Viz Media’s official site, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump. The new chapter is going to be very exciting with Chihiro and his companions’ new strategies. What are your expectations? 

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