Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Date, Time, Recap, Reddit Spoilers and Where to Read?


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Kagurabachi is a recently debuted manga series in late September 2023, is a captivating blend of action and fantasy. Centered around Chihiro, a budding swordsmith apprenticed to his renowned father, Kunishige, the series has just revealed its latest chapter’s release date—Chapter 14. Join us for a sneak peek into the Release Date, Reddit Spoilers, and more in this article.

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Date

Kagurabachi is a recently debuted manga series. Kagurabachi Chapter 14 is set to be released on Dec 17, 2023. Are you excited for the new chapter as we don’t have to wait any longer now. Also read about the release date of Obsidian Bride Chapter 23 Release DateThe Dilettante Chapter 46 Release Date, and The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 39 Release Date

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Time

Here’s international schedule for Kagurabachi Chapter 14 as per different region:

  • Pacific Time: at 8:30 PM on Sunday, December 17, 2023
  • Australian Time: at 3:30 PM on Monday, December 18, 2023
  • Greenwich Time: at 4:30 AM Monday, December 18, 2023
  • Japanese Time: at 1:30 PM on Monday, December 18, 2023
  • Central Time: at 10:30 PM on Sunday, December 17, 2023

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Release Date

Kagurabachi Chapter 13 Recap

Kamunabi briefed Chihiro Rokuhira on their strategy, and Shiba discerned Chihiro’s determination through his enduring injuries. Kamunabi encountered Sojo outside a public bath, poised for a confrontation. Chihiro received intel on Kamunabi sorcerers’ plans, learning that they dispatched someone to locate Sojo’s hideout, intending to proceed with their mission upon obtaining the details.

Despite having guards at his hideout, Genichi Sojo entered a public bath alone. While bathing, the mafia boss reflected on Chihiro’s remark about Kunishige’s son. For more reacps, go through Kagurabachi Chapter 12, and Kagurabachi Chapter 13

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Reddit Spoilers

Genichi Sojo studies adversaries before expressing a particular eagerness to engage in combat with Azami and Shiba, recognizing them as opponents. The Kamunabi individual sporting a ponytail showcases Gansui’s prowess in constructing an assault platform.

Spoilers unveil flashbacks where Chihiro imparts reveal guidance to the elite team, urging them to advance in the battle. The chapter reaches its climax with a striking double spread featuring Chihiro removing his bandages on one side.

Kagurabachi Chapter 14 Raw Scans

There is speculation that the raw scans for the upcoming chapter may surface simultaneously with its official release on December 14, 2023.

Where to Read Kagurabachi Chapter 14?

Looking forward to read a platform for Kagurabachi Chapter 14. Let us guide you. You will be able to read Kagurabachi Chapter 14 on Manga Plus and VIZ.

In addition, There are many online resources, but, we would like to suggest our readers to read the next chapter from official website to give the credits to original creators.

Is Kagurabachi Worth Reading?

Kagurabachi, a recently launched manga with a narrative that has captured readers’ interest. If you’re in search of a fresh manga experience, particularly if you enjoy mystery genres, it’s worth giving it a try. Before reading in, consider reading reviews and summaries to gain a better understanding.


Kagurabachi is a new manga to Shonen Jump. Kagurabachi Chapter 14 is set be released on 17 Dec 2023. Kagurabachi Chapter 14 will be available to read on many Viz Media’s official site, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump.

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