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Kacey Musgraves Net Worth: All We Know About Ever Increasing Net Worth of This Music Artist?

Kacey Musgraves is an American country music artist. As of October 2022, her estimated net worth to be $10 million dollars. She was born in Mineola, texas and started releasing her own albums in the beginning of 2000s.

At that time her first album was Movin On was released in 2002. Then she released Wanted: One Good Cowboy and Kacey Musgraves in 2003 and 2007 respectively.

Kacey was a contestant on the reality singing competition show named Nashville Star in 2007. In this show she took 8th position and the show helped her to receive more exposure.

In 2012, she started touring with Lady Antebellum as part of their own The Night Tour and recorded two songs for Triple Pop which is an independent record label. As a result of this she was signed to Mercury records.

She released her first ever single Merry Go Round in 2012.

In 2013, her debut album Same Trailer different Park was published and has sold over 500,000 copies till date.

In 2014, she has received four Grammy Nominations and her second album was released in following year. Till date she has won all over six Grammy Awards which is truly a biggest achievement for any artist.

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What is the Personal Life of Kacey Musgraves?

In an interview with ABC radio in 2014, Kacey said that she had been dating her bandmate Misa Arriaga for several years after initially becoming friends.

Then Kacey met Ruston Kelly at Nashville’s Bluebird cafe during a song writing session in May 2016. Soon after this they started dating. According to her, the song Butterflies from her album Golden Hour is about her courtship with Kelly.

The duo got engaged on 24th December 2016 and they tied a knot in Tennessee on 14th October 2017. Eventually in 2020, the couple filed for divorce and it was finalized in September 2020.

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What is the Artistry of Kacey Musgraves?

Kacey’s one of the role model is Alison Krauss, so Kacey said in memorial performance to him following his death in 2020 –

“How many Grammys does she have, after all? She’s just been strong, truthful, and wonderful, and I like that “..

“My favorite trait of John’s would be his sense of humor, and it definitely inspired my songwriting a lot,”

She adds that “that man singularly influenced me and my music more than anyone else on this earth.” “Lee Ann Womack is from near where I grew up in East Texas, so I’ve always looked up to her,” Musgraves says of one of her earliest influences. “If I could sing it like Lee Ann would and explain it like John would, then I feel like I’ve gotten somewhere,” Musgraves said of both John Prine and Lee Ann Womack.

Kacey Musgraves highlighted albums by Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry, Marty Robbins, Charley Pride, Roger Miller, and Jim Croce as influences on her sophomore album, and she also mentioned Ray Price, Julie Miller, and Loretta Lynn in an interview with Rolling Stone Country.

Kacey stated in a Billboard interview that she is a Dolly Parton admirer “Beauty, sex appeal, intellect, wit, comedy, great music, important songwriting, no apologies for who she is, long before it was a thing or popular or whatever… She’s fearless, and I respect her spirit, as well as her kindness. When you’re talking to her, she’s very there, and I simply adore her.”

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Some Favourite Quotes From Kacey Musgraves –

“I’m thrilled that country music fans like my stuff, but so do a lot of people outside of country music, people who just love music. My goal is more to reach music lovers than to appeal to a genre. I love country music, and I’m proud to represent it, but I don’t obsess over it as a category.” – Kacey Musgraves

“I didn’t necessarily grow up in a trailer park, but there is a brief part of that in my life. So I can make fun of it a little bit. I’m not too much of an outsider, where I’m just making fun of someone.” – Kacey Musgraves

“A label’s typical plan would be to put something out that’s safer and get fans, and then push buttons, but my idea is to push buttons first, scare off the people who are gonna be scared off, and then the right people will like you for who you really are, and stay with you.” – Kacey Musgraves

“Lee Ann Womack is from near where I grew up in East Texas, so I’ve always looked up to her. I sang a lot of Dolly Parton as a kid. And a lot of traditional western swing, like Patsy Cline and Roy Rogers. ” – Kacey Musgraves

“When I was nine, I was singing western swing: Roy Rogers and Patsy Cline. It got me noticed because no one my age was doing it, but it made me feel inferior because none of my friends could relate to it.” – Kacey Musgraves

“Certain kinds of people will always have an issue with my music. But that’s fine; it’s OK. I don’t want to be the McDonald’s of music. I don’t want to not turn anyone off. If you were everybody’s cup of tea, you’d probably be boring.”-  Kacey Musgraves

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