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Justin Bieber’s New Mode Of Social Media Protest Going Very Strong For ‘Black Lives Matter’

Since all the black lives matter campaign started all over the country, Justin Bieber found a new mode of protest. He started using his social media accounts to shout his solidarity to the black people. After all, what makes him different is the different methods of protest he is doing. He posted several writings about equality and black lives matter. He shared the video in which the unarmed black man dying because of those police officers on May 27.

Justin Bieber - Pictures - CBS News
Creator: Jason Merritt | Credit: Getty Images Copyright: 2015 Getty Images

After that, he shared many posts that said against inequality and racism. However, it is not enough because he has one of those accounts with the most number of followers on the platform. So, he started posting pictures of those artists and great persons who are black with the skin. Besides, says thank you to those who in the picture he shares.

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The first picture he shared was Tupac standing in front of a blue car. And it was only a start. After that, he posted a picture of one of his best friend Jaden Smith. The second last one until now is Ushur and the last one is none other than the former president and the first black president of America, Barack Obama.

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