Justin Bieber Dating: From Selena Gomez To Hailey Baldwin!


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Before marrying his wife, Hailey Baldwin, Justin dated Selena Gomez on and off for six years, and has been linked to many beauties. Here in this article, We are going to tell you each and every update of Justin Biber dating life. Apart from his singing career, He gets a lot of attention from his love interest throughout these years. Even though he is happily married to Hailey but the affect and craze of Jelena fandom still have the same sensation. Not only Gomez but this handsome hunk has linked to many girls of town. It seems like Justin will never get rid of his dating history. 

Justin Bieber Dating

Hailey Baldwin – 2018-present

Justin and Hailey are now husband-wife. The couple grabbed media attention whenever they spott together. The couple is quite expressive on social media platforms as well, Posting pictures and stuff together. They are no less than a power couple currently.

They first met in the year 2009. They were introduced by Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin. The duo started hanging out in 2014. From being good friends to husband-wife, The journey of their love has been beautifully presented.

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Justin and Hailey got married in October 2018 in private, and then tied knot again with a huge wedding celebration a year later, in September 2019.

Unfortunately, Hailey sometimes gets criticized by Selena Gomez’s fans, but Justin seems very supportive towards Hailey which makes them power couple of the town.

justin bieber dating

Selena Gomez – 2011-2018

Who doesn’t know about Justin and Selena‘s on and off romance? Their public break-ups is the most unwanted thing that ever happened to Jelena fans. The pair was most loved couple of town, Popularly known as Jelena. Their break-up broke the hearts of million of fans.

They were spotted holding hands in 2010 for the first time. They began dating in 2011.

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In 2012, Rumors of Justien cheating on were spreading all around. They got back together in 2015 and being on and off again. In 2018, The couple officially broke up.

Justin Bieber Dating

Yovanna Ventura – 2014

Both of them spotted together in 2014. Justin posted pictures of her on social media. The feelings were mutual but it wasn’t meant to be and the duo parted their ways. Justin also deleted all the pictures of her on his social media.

justin bieber dating

Kendall Jenner – 2015

Justin has always shared connection with Kardashians and Jenners. Justin and Kendall shared the same friend circle and have been closed.

Their Hook-ups rumors broke the internet sensation when the pair started being quite closer than usual. In an interview with with Billboard, Justin said: , where he said it was ‘never that serious’ with Kendall.

Kendall and Hailey are good friends.

Justin Bieber Dating

Sofia Richie – 2016

During on and off with Gomez, Justin was linked to a lot of girls, and one of the most well-known was Lionel Richie’s daughter, Sofia Richie. Justin was trolled from his fans after posting a photo on Instagram with Sofia. Justin even turned his comments section off.

He wrote: “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate. This is getting out of hand, if you guys are really fans you wouldn’t be so mean to people that I like”

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On this, His ex girlfriend Selena Gomez responded: ”If you can’t handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend lol- It should be special between you two only. Don’t be mad at your fans. They love you and supported you before anyone ever did.”

Justin and Sofia’s romance was short-term.

The Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Here in this article, We have shared each and every update regarding Justin Bieber and his dating life. Before he married Hailey, He was with several girls but his affair with selena Gomez got limelight. He is now happily married to Hailey Bieber.

All the latest updates will soon be updated on this page. Stay tuned for more such latest update. If you like this article, leave your feedback. We value your feedback.