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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War: Plot | Release Date | Plot | Cast


David Mudd

Justice League Dark Apokolips War is a 2020 direct-to-video animation movie that once again brings us an ensemble of heroes and draws us right into their action.

DC’s Justice League does not need any introduction. It is one of the oldest comics by DC and kind of paved the way for superhero comics in the US. It introduced us to our very first generation of heroes —  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and over the years the team expanded to a great extent.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is the grand finale of the journey that started in 2014 with the movie Justice League: War. In this movie, our saviors face their ultimate challenge to save Earth, and needless to say, they find it to be much more difficult than they thought.

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Adaptation of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The characters are taken from DC comics. But this particular movie is based on Geoff John’s  ‘ Darkseid war’ which was inspired by Grant Morrison’s “Final Crisis “. This movie Is the final in the DC Extended Animated Universe.

Plot of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The latest incarnation of the DC Animated Movie Universe came to an end with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.

The 16 linked films were rated PG-13 to R throughout the previous 7 years with the last picture taking full use of the latter.

In this great battle with Darkseid, superheroes were mercilessly vanquished.

The movie revolves around an existential crisis that jeopardizes every living being on Earth and tests the heroes to the most extreme.

Fans are still grieving after the DC climatic conclusion, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, which saw the bulk of the animated universe’s prominent superheroes murdered out.

The home movie launch was eagerly anticipated by fans and opened the path for the next time period of DC’s animatronic remakes; however, the disturbing amount of intensified and visual fatalities shown before the shared world was restarted once more by the Flash has remained a controversial topic between many new and existing audiences alike.

The benefit of it being the final instalment of a lengthy saga is that there is a lot more narrative leeway.

Apokolips War is allowed to destroy quite so many DC figurines as it likes without concern of consequences in the later. And it surely does shatter.

However you believe the narrative is going to be when you see the movie, the very first minutes reveal it isn’t.

The plot rapidly turns in an unusual and fascinating manner that strikes a connection with fans for a multitude of causes.

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A New Master Arrives

Darkseid, an intergalactic tyrant emerges and destroys the planets to spread fear and desires submissions from the subjects of those planets. Even though he has already failed twice to conquer Earth, now he has made his life’s mission to completely erase  Earth from existence.

A Battle lost

a glimpse from justice league dark: apokolips war featuring superman and raven
Starring Superman and Raven from Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

Superman wants to take the battle to Darkseid’s planet Apokolips. But Darkseid gains knowledge of the secret plan through Cyborg’s alien tech suit. Later, he plants his Reapers to destroy Earth’s core. Once Earth’s core is destroyed, it is impossible to save the planet.

When Superman, along with his team, tries to confront Darkseid, it’s a complete onslaught of his team members. They are practically butchered by the Paradooms who are a cross between Parademons and Doomsdays. Many heroes had to sacrifice their lives. Their leader superman had never felt so helpless before.

The Misery Begins

The alive ones had a much worse fate reserved for them. Batman was brainwashed and became Darkseid’s chief commander. Wonder Woman, Starfire, Mera, Hawkman were brainwashed too and they became Darkseid’s enforcers, called, quite suitably, ” The Furies”.Superman and Raven both were stripped of their powers.

The hitch is that, like Rebellion, this one demands fans to take it in stride and understand that some heroes will behave in accordance that aren’t typical of their depictions.
In comparison towards where we had last seen him in ‘Reign of the Supermen’, Superman’s characterisation is a little off.

But this has always been a prevalent critique of the New 52 publications themself: that in the sake of connecting to new viewers, too many heroes were given superfluous, edgy makeovers.

Apokolips War, at the very least, finds a means to rationalise the occasionally drastic personality shifts.

The remaining heroes have nothing left but their will to save this beautiful planet. But can this be enough? Will the remaining heroes be enough? Will Superman ever get back his power or must he settle for a normal life?

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The Twist in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

the characters of justice league dark: apokolips war
Featuring the DC characters of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War in one frame

There are powerful scenes between the characters and dialogues are kept simple and need-based. The plot, as it unfurls, has some really interesting twists. One of many cool things about this movie is that it has the Supervillains from Suicide Squad led by Harley Quinn.

Superman: Hero to Leader

Superman’s character goes through quite a change. He suffers loss in so many ways. He learns defeat by being defeated. He understands what it means to be truly powerless when his power was taken from him.

All these painful experiences create a change in Superman. He becomes a leader and stops confining himself within the barriers of a tactical hero. He discovers himself anew. And as long he breathes, he will not let anyone destroy his home planet Earth.

Key Factors in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

a still from the movie justice league dark: apokolips war
Justice League Dark: Apokolips War is here to amaze the DC fans

Constantine, the demon Etrigan, and Damien Wayne become the key factors in determining Earth’s fate.  Without their help, Superman would never have a chance to confront Darkseid in the first place. They test a dangerous theory and its extent.

Apokolips War has one unpleasant resemblance to ‘Superman: Red Son’, the last Dc Comics Film.

The conclusion is a touch too sudden, shutting the door on this world before all the inevitable happens and the consequences of a crucial area have been exposed.

Apart from that, Apokolips War succeeds in providing a pretty interesting and emotionally satisfying conclusion to a massive universe that has failed in those aspects in the past.

Perhaps the next common world can pick up a few pointers.

Pure Animation Delight

Animated movies always have a nice air about them. To tell the stories of hope and dreams and love and fighting, can be an extremely powerful mode of expression.  Justice League (2020) simply illustrates this point.

Apokolips War is as grim, bleak, and brutal as any previous DC Universe film.
It is, nevertheless, one of the most psychologically anchored.
Despite a large excellent piece that includes almost every superhero who has previously featured in this massive universe, the story is sensibly focused on a limited number of essential characters.

The power of sincerity is pretty overwhelming, as proved repeatedly by our favorite heroes (and villains!). It is the sincere efforts of our defenders that help them save Earth. At the very same time, it is the sincere effort of the makers which is felt throughout the movie.

The story is portrayed with such great care and attention, it deserves applause. Even though it’s an animated movie, not once does it get in the way of presenting the content. If anything, the mode of the movie enhances the message of Justice League.

Release Date of Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The movie was released on 5th May 2020.


Superhero movies are trending right now and at the same time, the production houses too, seem to have realized their market value. Experimenting on the superhero genre in animation is not new at all but has proved to be immensely appealing at all times. This movie too is a glorious part of that list.

While the DC Animated Film Realm was not as powerful as most of the company’s other common TV worlds, Apokolips War does give it a suitable ending.

This series makes the most of the reality that it is the last instalment of a 15-part series.
Its plot twists and turns in unexpected and intriguing ways, and it attempts to tie up loose threads from throughout the DC Universe while also still recounting the ultimate fight between both the Justice League and Darkseid.

Although the sudden conclusion is frustrating, it does not detract from the total measure of what is undoubtedly the finest DC Universe film .

Justice League series follows the journey of the DC heroes and Villains from the very beginning to the end. As they have completed their journey, we should too. Watching this movie concludes our journey as well, as we too had been with them since the beginning.

Watch the movie once again to get carried away into a world of alien invasion, lots of action, and our favorite Justice League.