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Who’s Just Sul? just an Instagrammer? just a cool joe? just a sensation? just an mastermind? just a funnyman? he’s Just Sul!

 Shantinath ‘ JustSul, is an Indian Instagram fame who supposedly resides in Mumbai, India. He was born in 1969, and analogous to numerous other average Indians, he pursued a degree of. b.Tech and came a mechanical mastermind.

 Latterly, in 2020 he came an internet funnyman who got unforeseen fame during the COVID- 19 lockdown.

He used to mimic notorious personalities and pushed out other ridiculous content during the lockdown, which gained loved and appreciation from observers across India, UAE, the US, and UK. While numerous people may still not know his name, he still can be fluently honored by Just Sul and also his face that’s being used in multiple memes and ridiculous references.

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Just Sul Personal Life Info & Further

 Just Sul was born on 1st June 1969 and is 52 times old, as of 2021. His motherland was Mumbai and stayed in Mumbai before moving to Lusaka, Zambia where he lived for about 17 times working with his friend’s father.

He still continues to work as an mastermind but along with this, he also makes comedy vids with his musketeers which have gained him a huge quantum of fame.

Just Sul Marital Status & Further

 Just Sul married the love of his life at the age of 21 and he now has two children, a son and a son. His song is pursuing a degree in electrical engineering whereas his son is seeking to come an mastermind. Still, not much is known about his family and their names as Sul believes to keep it nonpublic.

Just Sul Plutocrat Factor

 Just Sul has successfully made himself a brand name, with the help of his immense creativity in his vids.

Just Said, his friend aka director has also proved his value by raising the net worth of Just Sul with his sharp mind and business strategies. inclusively the brace are valued at over USD10 million out of which Sul alone makes USD7 million.

Just Sul Memoir & Some Other Lower Given Data About Just Sul

 Just Sul came up with his idea of belittlement and ridiculous vids from his friend, who pushed him for the same. Said Ahmad aka ‘ Just Said ’, his friend also works on scripts and works out profit aspects for Just Sul.

He lived in Dubai in 2015 and that’s where he uploaded his first videotape on digital media, where he was suitable to connect encyclopedically after original fashionability with his vines.

 After uploading his first videotape, over a span of 6 times, he has garnered millions of views on Instagram and presently possesses over6.2 million followers on the social media platform.

just sul

According to reports, he charges a sum of over USD ,1000 for a short commercial on Instagram. He also has his profit generated from YouTube, and charges freights for other commercials as well.

His videotape “ When the server comes with your food ” has gained over 14 million views. Also, one of his most popular and intimately loved vines, “ Watch me scourge/ Nae Nae, ” earned around 2 million views in lower than six months.

Dubai- Grounded Social Media Star Just Sul Gets Break in Salman Khan’s’ Kisi Ka Bhai.’?

 Digital content creator and social media megastar Just Sul is gearing up for his debut appearance in a Bollywood song.

 He’ll be featuring alongside the lead promoter of’ Kisi Ka Bhai. Kisi Ki Jaan’, Salman Khan, and the world’s lowest songster, Abdu Rozik, in a special track for the forthcoming film.

 Just Sul, a mechanical mastermind- turned- internet sensation, who shot to fame with his parody acts, lives in Dubai and has worked with Abdu Rozik in the history.

 Replying to the news, Just Sul said,” I am super enraptured and thankful that one of the most favored stars of India has given the green signal to the idea of featuring a crazy 53- time-old with no previous experience in film acting in a song for one of the biggest Bollywood flicks of the time.

” Ever so thankful to Salman Khan flicks for giving me this amazing occasion to explore another form of the roll world.

I can not stay to get onto the sets and bottom everyone with my defective cotillion moves.” before this time, 18- time-old Tajik songster Abdu, who came to Salman Khan’s notice during IIFA 2022, was offered a part in’ Kisi Ka Bhai. Kisi Ki Jaan’.

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 He participated in a statement,” I met Salman bhai at IIFA and clicked well with him. That is how we started talking, and he offered me a chance in bollywood. This is my maiden adventure and I am nervous and agitated.

I’m now hypercritically called’ chota bhaijaan’ by people I meet.” Talking about the megastar, Abdu said that Salman Khan is a great human being who has a good heart.

” I can not be more thankful. I hope that I can repay him one day for this occasion. He’s a veritably sweet man,” he said.

How Did Just Sul Came Famous?

 Sul was born and raised in Mumbai and completed his bachelorette’s degree in Mechanical engineering.

 Due to some fiscal conditions, he moved to Saudi Arabia in hunt of work but after a many months, he moved to Lusaka, Zambia with the help of his father’s musketeers, and worked for 17 times.

In 2015, he uploaded his first videotape on Vine and the response to the videotape was well appreciated.

 He got viral with his Vine videotape ” When the server comes with your food ” and parody of the song ” Watch me scourge ” by American rapper Silentó.

 The whole idea of Said was to mix Sul’s Indian heritage with the hipsterism hop culture and this led to the creation of Just Sul.

 There’s also a person behind Just Sul that’s Said Ahmad his director. He’s responsible for all the content creation, wardrobe, schedules, and tenures.

In 2018, Sul won the ” Stylish Entertainment Influencer Award ” at Inflow Global Awards in Istanbul, Turkey.

 Sul is also known for recreating celebrity photoshoots and has created a separate ” sulebrities ” Instagram handle.

He Also Has a Tagline – “ Mastermind by Day and Pander by Night “.

 In 2019, he banded with Alexandra Mary Hirschia.k.a Supercar Blondie to shoot a videotape in Bangalore as they drove around the megacity in a Premier Padmini hack auto.

just sul

He has met several celebrities like French Montana, Lil Pump, Tyga, Kanika Kapoor, and some notorious celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Akon, Snoop Dogg have participated his videotape.


‘ Kisi Ka Bhai. Kisi Ki Jaan’ also stars Pooja Hegde, Venkatesh Daggubati, Jagapathi Babu, Raghav Juyal and Shehnaaz Gill. The film, directed by Farhad Samji, is slated to release on December 30, 2022.

 This was the complete rearmost information about “ Just Sul ” that we curated through the internet.

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