BIG NEWS! Junjou Romantica Season 4 Might Get Confirmation this Year!



For its thrilling storyline and bold character, Junjou Romantica has remained one of the massively hit series for the audience to watch. When we talk about Japanese anime series, we all always have our favorites, but we can’t deny the fact that Junjou Romantica is one of the rare shows which has been loved by every single person.

With a compelling storyline that moves the interest of the people throughout the series, the show has marked the release of its first three seasons. As soon as the first season of the show was delivered, the series generated popularity and became a smash hit. After the popularity of the series, the official desired to work on the show and continue the release of its future episodes.

Just like many Japanese cities, Junjou Romantica is also inspired by the same manga series with the same title.

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As the audience, I have already watched the third season of the series, and there has been demand for the show’s upcoming season. In this article of the series, we will be going to talk about Junjou Romantica Season 4. If you guys are excited to learn about it and continue reading the article till the end.

Junjou Romantica Season 4: Renewed or Canceled?

After watching the finale episode of the series, we can see that there are enough chances for the showrunner to work on the fourth episode of the show. The story of the show ended on a major cliffhanger and if you are following the manga series, you will know that there are enough chapters that are meant to be covered by the studio.

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Although it has not been announced whether the show is moving forward or not, there are enough chances for it to get released. Also, a certain insider has already confirmed that the studio is planning to renew the series super soon. We are waiting for the official update and if there will be any news, we will make sure to edit this section.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Release Date Updates: When is it going to Release?

Many people have already confirmed that there will be another season of this amazing drama. Junjou Romantica is one of the popular Japanese anime series which has managed to grab the attention of the viewers and garnered the appreciation of both the audience and the critics.

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Many insiders have already reported that there are enough chances for the officials to work on another season of the show. After watching the available source material, we are confident to say that there will be a fourth installment of the series. But, the showrunner has not confirmed the exact release date for it. If the show is renewed before the end of this year, Junjou Romantica, season four is likely to get released in 2024 or 2025.

Note: One needs to understand that this isn’t a confirmed release date by the officials but rather a prediction made by us.

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Cast: Who will be in it?

Many people want to know about the cast of the upcoming season of this anime. We have often seen that anime series consist of the same voice-over artist. If the show gets renewed, the audience can expect all the show’s major characters to return. In the next few lines, we will be going to talk about it. If you are interested then continue reading the article.

  • Kenta Miyake as Tanaka
  • Mayumi Asano as Risako Takatsuki
  • Daisuke Kageura as Dean Kageura
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Misaki Takahashi
  • Kazuhiko Inoue as You Miyagi
  • Nobutoshi Canna as Nowaki Kusama
  • Daisuke Kishio as Shinobu Takatsuki
  • Kentarô Itô as Hiroki Kamijou
  • Hikaru Hanada as Akihiko Usami
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ryuuichiro Isaka
  • Ryôtarô Okiayu as Kaoru Asahina
  • Kishô Taniyama as Takahiro Takahashi
  • Noriko Namiki as Eri Aikawa

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Plot: What to Expect with the Show?

The official synopsis of the show reads, “High school student Misaki Takahashi returns home to see his older brother being fondled by an unknown man. Bewildered by such a sight, Misaki finds out that the stranger is Akihiko Usami, a famous novelist, and his brother’s best friend. With the two of them slowly becoming acquainted, Akihiko ends up as Misaki’s private tutor. However, after stumbling upon the author’s latest boys-love novel, Misaki becomes uncertain whether or not to trust Akihiko regarding his friendship with the student’s brother.

Elsewhere, Hiroki Kamijou, a university teacher of classical literature and Akihiko’s friend is grieving a failed romance. While on the edge of a mental breakdown, he meets student Nowaki Kusama, who wants his help for an upcoming exam. Despite denying Nowaki’s request numerous times, Hiroki eventually lends him a hand. As the two get closer, more revelations about the student are made.

Furthermore, when wealthy teenager Shinobu Takatsuki finds out that his older sister has divorced Hiroki’s coworker You Miyagi, he immediately wants to date the same man—as he saved Shinobu from a robbery three years prior. Even so, You do not feel the same way and attempt to scare him off. However, the educator soon realizes that Shinobu will do anything for their destined romance. Junjou Romantica collects three love stories, narrating every couple’s romance.”

Junjou Romantica Season 4 Official Trailer

I know that many people want to watch the official trailer of the series but unfortunately, there are no new updates on the matter. It is because we have often seen that the official trailer gets released once the production of the show is concluded. So there is neither an official trailer nor a promo teaser video for this series.

Along with that, if by any chance you have not watched the official trailer of the show then here are the updates of it. Watch the series’ official trailer and learn more about it.

Final Verdict

When it comes to Anime series, every person knows that these shows are meant to be a multiple-season show. There are any series that has not delivered its storyline in less than a season. While we already have the seasons of Junjou Romantica, people are questioning whether the story of the show will continue to move forward or not.

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