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Jungle Cruise: Emily Blunt Reveals She Has Unreleased Music She Once Recorded


David Mudd

Disney is going to release its new movie Jungle Cruise soon. The movie has big names like Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. Disney has always created visually stunning films, and now they are focusing on great stories too. This one looks impressive, both in terms of visuals and story. The promotions are going strong, and some things are adding to the movie’s hype. 

Jungle Cruise

Stars do anything to keep the movie in the news and on the internet. This article also has something that was revealed recently by Emily Blunt herself.

Emily Blunt Revealed Something That Might Interest Her Fans:

Emily Blunt revealed that she recorded a song sometime in the past and she has it with her. The track is unreleased, but now the fans will be excited to hear it. This news has brought Emilia and Jungle Cruise in the headlines of the entertainment news. It is something that will keep the fans intrigued with the star, and that means she can indirectly convert it into promoting her movie. 

With Dwayne Johnson on board, the movie already has super hype. The trailer was accepted very well by the audience and the critics.

Plot Of The Movie:

Jungle Cruise

There is a ride in Disneyland, with the same name. The movie is based on that ride. Just like the ride, the film is also full of adventure and thrill.

Dwayne has done many such films and fits excellent in such roles. Emily is looking great opposite her, and her acting skills can win anyone over. Overall, the film is going to be great, and we can’t wait for it to release. 

Release Date Of The Movie:

The release date of the movie is the 24th of July. We hope that the effect of Coronavirus will go away till then and the film will not face many problems attracting the audience to the cinema halls.

Many movies are facing issues due to the outbreak of this deadly virus. No Time To Die will now release in November just because of the fear of COVID-19. 


Jungle Cruise

We hope that this movie doesn’t have to face any problems, and it gets all the attention that it deserves.